Dammit Barack Obama, its all your fault. See what you did? Because of you, and your “luck” by becoming president, we have race cards being pulled all over the place. Yup, we have White people pulling the race card for us. Who would have ever thunk it? I mean, Black people do it all the time, but I never thought just like your presidency, that I’d ever live to see the day this would happen.

You see, if you didn’t run for president, and kept your Black ass in the senate representing your state of Illinois, none of this would be happening. That’s right, its your fault that there’s a vacant seat to be filled right now. Even worse than that, its your fault that Governor Blogojevich tried to cash in on your success…oops, I meant luck. Take a look around Barack, there are people selling coins, and fine cutlery with your face on it. And lets not talk about the people making money off of your inauguration; just ask one time republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson. He’s renting out his condo for the inauguration, so hey, why should the dude who looks like the Big Boy Burger kid be any different? Governors gotta eat too ya know!

And speaking if eating. Now you got a Black man hungry to eat some of that elusive senate seat power that you once possessed. There have only been like three Black senators since reconstruction, and this man is 71yrs old. Why else would he and others not see the beef with his appointment as racist. Me personally, I don’t see it as such. Personally, I think they should block the move. Lets be honest, the guy who’s trying to appoint him isn’t the most upstanding citizen now is he. I mean, we have people who can’t even get jobs because of a criminal record, but yet Big Boy is still able to appoint people to an office? Ok so he’s not been convicted yet. But shit, I don’t think I’d have unprotected sex with the crack whore I just picked up as I wait for the results of the AIDS test either.

But its really all your fault Barack. You made Black the new Black again, and everybody is trying to cash in on it. Damn right they are! Big Boy could have appointed a White guy, but after Jesse Jackson Jr was outted for being the snitch, he passed the buck. He tried to give it to another Black man. And said Black man and his buddies are so blinded that they can’t even see how he’s using them as pawns in the political game of checkers.

If I were them, I’d keep my mouth shut instead of making this out to be a racial issue. Which I think is rather funny since the state of Illinois is having special elections to replace Rahm Emmanuel in Congress, but yet these power hungry Black folk are playing the race card handed to them by a greasy palmed White guy with good hair. What can I say, those Jews sure got their shit together. If only us Black folks were a little different. But fuck it, since Barack talks so much about personal responsibility, I’m doing nothing but blaming him for all of this. After all, it was his ambition that created all of this. How damn selfish of him.

“You gotta keep the devil, down in the hole.”- Tom Waits