Well, here we are folks; January 2009. Its the year we’ve all been waiting for. For many, its the year we’ve been waiting for all our lives. Its a new year, and in this month, President Change gets to drop that hyphenated “elect” from his title. He will officially become the president. Amazing ain’t it? I mean, amazing after looking back at his rise to prominence.

No, I’m not talking about the fact that he’s Black. I’m amazed at the fact that he seems to be the same guy throughout the process. How cool is that? Its like he’s a Jedi Master, and nothing can phase him. All he has to do is beam that now famous million dollar smile and its done. One look at his smile and just like a vampire, he has you in a trance. He went from not being Black enough versus Hillary Clinton, to too Black versus John McCain, and he still won.

Even after his win, like the Teflon Don, he brushed his shoulder of the dirt that said he wasn’t American enough as his birth certificate was challenged. For some of us Black people, we’re disappointed that he’s not a “Black President”, or the President of Black America. But we accept that. We made compromise, and offer the explanation that he wouldn’t be where he was now if he were to run on that platform. Sadly, some of us don’t get it, and realize that it took madd game to pull that off.

I mean seriously, how many of you drop the ebonics at the job interview? Are you, or would you consider yourself a sellout as a result? Hell naw! You realize that as James Brown said years ago, “Its a Man’s World”, and that “man” is White. Though we seek acceptance into “his world” we’ve come to understand compromise; compromise, and not selling ourselves short. This is one of the reasons I admire the diplomacy of President-Elect Change. Trust me, dude has game, and I think the campaign itself was just a perfect example of things to come.

As I look back at the past year, I must say that it was quite interesting. I don’t care who you are, you couldn’t sit by the sidelines and watch this one out because Mr. Change sucked us in. This is why I’m excited about this month and this New Year. Make no mistakes, I do not look towards this man with false expectations like some. For some, the change he spoke of meant the end of racism in our society completely. But not me; I’m realistic; hopeful but realistic. This is why I love the pic above. It shows that though things may change, you still can’t lose who you are. No matter who you are, or how accomplished you might be, the issues concerning the Black community affects you too.

I’m not attending the inauguration, but I will be watching like the rest of the world on that day. This is gonna be one televised revolution that we’ve been waiting on for some time. I’d like to be there as much I did when the million man march went down. But this is different. This million man march is welcomed. Its a march that includes us all, and is not exclusive to Black men. For the majority this march is endorsed by hope for a brighter day as Americans. Not Black America, nor White America. But a brighter day as Americans the citizens of the world.

Happy New Year