Van Jones a Communist? Really Glenn Beck? Uh oh, those smart Negroes are always up to something aren’t they?!!

I’m gonna go ahead and say it: Glenn Beck is a slimy bastard, and I hope he gets booted off the airwaves. To date, he has lost a host of sponsors of his show due to collective activism, and the efforts of All of this because of his proclamation that Barack Obama is racist and has a problem with white people. And last night I heard he was attacking Obama’s appointed Green Jobs Czar Van Jones. Yes, this asshole had the nerve to do what he does best which would be to motivate the ignorant among us with lies.

Check it out:

[you should see the comments to this video on Youtube]

Wait, you mean to tell me that we’re still in the 60’s where every “revolutionary” was viewed as being communists? Shit, wasn’t that the same thing they said about W.E.B. DuBois before he eventually said fuck this country and moved to Africa? We’re back on that weak stuff?

Listen, I happen to love Van Jones and what he has been doing for years as a “community organizer”. That said, who the fuck is Glenn Beck, and what has he done for anybody but espouse the most idiotic vitriol ever on airwaves to benefit himself as he makes $20 million a year. We’ve seen this all before, right? Intelligent Black man becomes capable of making moves and affecting positive change, and then he suddenly becomes a threat. You know how they do Smart Negroes; shit, every once in a while they end up becoming president and we can’t have that. So, instead of telling people the truth, it’s more effective to attack Black intellectualism by using buzz words like Socialist, Nazi, and now Communist.

You wanna know the truth about this whole thing. Van Jones and James Rucker started the organization Color of Change. Yes, the very same organization that is responsible for corporate advertisers dropping sponsorship of Glen Beck’s show. Yes, this isn’t about Van Jones, or Obama, this is about Beck trying to fight back the best way his punk-ass can. And that would be with lies. I just wanted to take a minute to weigh in on this and as always, tell the damn truth.You see, the real truth here people, is that people of color, who God forbid become educated and attempt to go against the status quo, will always be a threat to the likes of Glenn Beck and the rest of the idiots in this country.

If you have no idea who Van Jones the “community organizer” really is…

check out this following clip and tell me if he sounds as dangerous as Beck makes him out to be:Um, I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound quite like Communism to me.