15yr old and 17yr old girls found working at strip club

You know, sometimes I hate my own blog. Seriously, sometimes I hate to even put my fingers to work bringing to light some of the most ignorant shit I come across everyday. But even so I welcome the stuff that my readers send me via email to comment on. Not that there’s a shortage of positive stories to promote. In truth I save those for myself and instead, share with you folks a daily dose of dreadful reality known as the human condition. With that said, can any of you tell me what the hell is a 15yr old and a 17yr old doing working in a strip club?

I mean every time I’ve ever entered a strip club I’ve been carded, and I’d like to think that they do the same for job applicants. But last week in a surprise raid down in good old Florida by authorities, two teenage girls were found employed by the establishment known as Playmates. What, do we need the Department of Homeland Security doing employment verification as they do with undocumented workers at strip clubs now?

When I read the story I was dumbfounded to find out that the mother of one of these girls never knew that her daughter was sneaking out at night to go to work on a crotch infested pole. But then I read where they said the 15yr old, who has been working there for a few months hasn’t been to school since the 7th grade. Listen, I have two teenage daughters, one 16 and the other 15. Um, I’d like to think that my wife and I would be aware of the fact that one of them hasn’t been to school in a few years. Yes, not skip a day or two, but rather a few years.
Hello! No wonder this kid is able to do something like she does every night. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done my share of sneaking out of the house in my day. But c’mon man; sneaking out every night for several months? Look, this is bullshit, and I blame the parent(s) more than I do the child. I mean, if young teenage young men are brave enough to take penitentiary chances by selling drugs as they do. What’s to stop a 15yr old who is not oblivious to the fact that sex sells? I’m just saying, whether it’s for attention that young girls receive by posting those booty poppin’ videos on the internet (like the one above; did you notice the banner advertisement?), or the money. There is no way of escaping the attraction unless you have proper parental supervision.

Like you, I’d like to know or hear the thoughts of the parents of these girls. I guess the local news in that city did as well and hence this following report in the video below. When the news crew showed up at the home to speak with the Rosemary Lumpkin, the mother of the 15yr old they were met by a not so friendly grandmother of little miss 15yr old hot pants. Maybe I’m wrong, but the fact that granny attacked the news crew with a garden tool is telling about her gran-daughter. I’m sorry, the story about these girls is no laughing matter. But thankfully, ole granny was able to entertain me even as disturbing as this story was: