Unhappy With Your Riches Because You Piss Poor Morally

So everybody’s favorite K-9 owner Michael Vick will soon be released from prison. Good for him; he’s paid his debt to society. Hopefully he can reclaim a sense of normalcy after spending time behind bars. For many people returning to the world after doing time it’s hard. For some it can so hard that it contributes and factors in to their return to crime, and ultimately another trip in the prison bus. I don’t see that happening for Vick though.

The good thing for Vick is that even in being released into a bad economy, he already has a job lined up. Sure working in construction for $10/hr is nothing like playing in the NFL and having checks for millions direct deposited, but hey, it’s a good start for the brother. I don’t know if he has kids, but I sure would hate to have to see him on the news robbing convenience stores with a kid in tow. Besides, do you know how many people unemployed right now would kill to be able to make ten bucks an hour?

Some people, you know the ones who are referred to as haters? They’re relishing his downfall. I mean why wouldn’t they? He’s the quintessential rags to riches story with a sad ending thus far. For some people, they would love to see him continue to toil. Yup, I’m sure right now there is some dog lover laughing at the fact that he will be working for $10/hr in the near future unlike the millions he made in recent years. The funny thing about that, according to his attorney in a bankruptcy court hearing, he’s slated to earn $600,000 for an upcoming documentary.

So while you’re laughing and delectable of his trivial existence right now hater, he’s slated to earn in one check more than most would make in a lifetime. I’m happy for Vick, and I do hope he returns to the NFL, and does even better than before in spite of the naysayers. Should he make a comeback in the NFL, being a 6yr veteran, he’s slated to make no less than a minimum of $620,000 per year. Surely he’ll be quick to say that he has learned from his mistake should he make that type of money. And you know what? I would believe him. You can’t help but to learn when you lose as much as he has financially. Yes, he made a very costly mistake, but life is all about living and learning, right? I mean, this is America, the land of second chances, right?

Live ya life Mike Vick