Truth: When it All Falls Down

by Eco.Soul.Intellectual

I write this in hopes that the vampiric blood-lust and vigilante spirit that many carried after 9/11 has either eased or been directed to the teabaggers.

Everyone in the US knows where they were on 9/11. It is a searing image in time we will not forget. Unfortunately, the truth remains mysteriously hidden in the depths of the proverbial rabbit hole.

I really think that some folk crave for stupid shit. I am sure that, that pastor down in Florida is counting all the millions he made from stupid supporters with a smile on his face. And I believe that the Imam has become quite thirsty as well. Another day’s work right?

But when the truth falls, crazy ish like this arises. Similar to the falling of the towers, billows of cloudiness took over mainstream American thought.

Today there is a Ground Zero that has only progressed to about Ground 1.2. The construction operates at a snail’s pace. Recently, there was a public fallout over funding of the building efforts. According to the greedy, slimy developer Larry Silverstein, the money ran out thus the project was brought to a halt.

Of course after back door hand shakes with sleazy Port Authority officials and multiple pay offs, Silverstein predicts that now the construction will be finished in 5 or 6 years…of course after billions of dollars later.

Speaking of missing truths, we have never been told what really happened on 9/11. The smoking mirrors and botched cover ups along with a plethora of war movies to inundate us with the idea that “killing shit is cool” have dulled a lot of us and put more of our young, working-class children in the military.

I have read and heard many theories on the so-called terrorist attack at the World Trade Center. And I know that chunks and bits of it are floating around in the peasoup of goverment excuses, lies, and conspiratorial lectures. But throughout all, lives were lost then, and many are still dying from the residuals of the clean ups.

Just to offer my little experience, I have a small story and a big story.

Years ago I was on a business trip and I met a woman who was in government and decided to research the guffaws of intelligence on that day. She told me that she learned some things regarding 9/11 that were very, very disturbing. Inquisitive that I am, I asked her what. She turned red and declined to tell. For the rest of the trip she was mum.

That small little gesture sent chills up my spine because I had just read up on a woman who is still being raked through the coals for what she says and continues to postulate.

Cynthia McKinney was the first elected official to publicly question the government’s foreknowledge on 9/11 in a speech that was broadcast on a Pacifica radio station out in Northern Cali.

Since then, her life has been an upheaval. I saw some things first hand that made me step back and realize that this martyrdom shit was not as sexy as it seems.

Anyway a documentary of some of McKinney’s woes came out in a movie called, American Blackout. I write this for her, because the work she is putting in and her sacrifices are serious. And when bullshit falls, I am sure, folks like her will rise.

Anywho, on an ending note, I have to tell my black folk that I am sorry, but the vacation from being the most profiled was over like 5 years ago. We have once again been placed back on the list with the most wanted, most targeted and most watched.

The profiling is back to black.