These town hall meetings on health care need less Elmer Fudd and more O’dog – I bet we’d get reform if brothers with guns showed up protesting

Ok people, this town hall meeting thing is getting crazy. I love a good debate and I love seeing democracy in action, but, I swear this stuff has done all but to expose some of the crazies among us. I understand that certain people are afraid of our well tanned president and all, but damn. I didn’t want to give them any of my time as I did when they had those Tea Party protests a few months ago. But when you have Elmer Fudd coming out of the woodwork showing up with a loaded gun holding a sign and alluding to watering the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants and patriots, it cannot be ignored. Yep, these patriots with their religion and guns just won’t stop.

Those racist cartoon characters I tell ya. I don’t know what this guy was thinking if he was at all. But this is the type of stuff you can come to expect when our airwaves are being dominated by right-wing talking heads who capitalize on the fear and ignorance of some. Clearly Obama didn’t fall victim to this deranged gun owner, but who’s to say that this cannot happen at the next town hall meeting? Abraham Lincoln, anyone? I mean clearly Barack is no Bugs Bunny, but then again, is it even wabbit season? Or is it duck season. Oh, my bad. I forgot, Barack Obama is Felix The Cat; he’s Black, lucky, and cooler than Morris Day so he cannot possibly ever meet such a fate.

But since this blog is where madness and reality intersects, lets get real with this one. Forget the cartoon people at these town hall meetings. What if O’dog of Menace II Society fame showed up with a gun? I mean my man Larenz Tate O’dog has grown up since the movie (that’s if he’s even still alive) and has probably done prison time by now given his dysfunctional destructive youth. I suspect he’s probably unemployed like a host of Black men currently are, and without health care coverage; never mind him being a convicted felon. That said, do you think they would have let him stood there with his gun and a protest sign wondering when the marijuana green jobs are gonna trickle down to the “hood” in America so he can afford health care coverage?

Of course they wouldn’t. O’dog would have been properly whisked away like Rodney King and not allowed to be heard. Yep, White rage is acceptable, but Black rage not so much. O’dog would not have had an interview with Chris Mathews on Hardball like Elmer Fudd did. Shit, keeping it real, the Secret Service would have been on his ass like he was a 14yr old female and they were all named R. Kelly.

No joke, if a Black man showed up with a gun at a town hall meeting hosted by the president, he would definitely get his ass pummeled. He would have been beatdown like Kenneth Gladney [definitely read about him here]. Gladney is another Negro who made the news recently for getting his ass jumped at a recent town hall meeting in St. Louis. Like Kenneth, O’dog wouldn’t have health care coverage, but unlike Kenneth I doubt he would be against reform and siding with the Elmer Fudds of the world. But please believe, O’dog’s story would be a lot more believable than Gladney’s.

In the end, what we need are less cartoon characters and more real people at these events. Yes I know that corporate America is behind many of these anti-reform organizations. But I think their cause would be better served if they hired real actors instead of planting these crazy cartoon people. Hell, you’d think they’d give O’dog Larenz Tate a call. That brother needs a check; we haven’t seen him since Love Jones. At least he’ll be a better “actor” and and more convincing than all the silly people shouting lies. But then again fake rage combined with lies is what the last presidency was about, no?