There’s a gay demon on the loose!!

Holy shit! You mean to tell me that there’s a gay demon running around and nobody told me?!! No seriously, you mean to tell me that all that talk about being born gay was a lie? No for real, you mean to tell me that all this time it’s been Casper the friendly but homosexual ghost?? Shit, how do I protect myself from that thing? Ok y’all, maybe I’m a little late on this or maybe I’m just not up on the bible and religion. I don’t know if you’ve heard the story, but apparently this gay teenager in Connecticut was recently at some church or another and, well, the Black dude from the movie Ghost Busters performed an exorcism on him. Which is kinda cool because I always wondered what the Black Ghost Buster dude has been up to since OZ went off the air – hey, a brotha gotta get paid, right?

Check it out:
How come it took so long for this gay ghost to be outted. I mean, whenever I have conversations about homosexuality with Christians they always say that homosexuality is a choice. Well, what is it? Is it a choice or a demon? Do straight people by choice have sex with gay demons which in turn makes them gay?!?! Ok, so now I’m confused and I’m gonna need one of you reading this to explain this shit to me. But anyway, this 16yr old kid was on the Tryra Banks show recently talking about his experience and just how his life has changed since. Which is real ironic because I heard Patrick Swayze is gonna be on The View next week. But the only problem with that is that he can only talk to Whoopi Goldberg.

Check out the interview:
I’m more confused than ever folks. First off, if you were gay by the actions of a gay demon who somehow took over your body obviously by anally raping you (because it’s a choice). Now that the demon is gone, why do you still have homosexual temptations? Secondly, and probably what should have been the first question since it came to me about 20 seconds into the interview. Um, how come dude still talks with that gay lisp? Am I the only one who spotted that? And last and probably not least pending the responses this post gets, and totally unrelated: how come the gay demon is allowed to live in choir directors at churches? Do gay demons get a pass only if they can carry a tune?

Jokes aside…

do you believe this or is this just how religion affects the human mind?

Are there as many gay demons as there are people in the LGBT community?

Talk to me somebody…