Sure Barck Obama wears gold fronts and listens to Hip Hop in the White House

“We falsely think of our country as a democracy, when in fact it has evolved into a mediaocracy.” – Danny Schecter

You know, I’ve never wished death on anyone. But today, I find myself wishing for Michael Savage to have a slip and fall in the bathtub. Yep, only to have some sobbing and grieving relative, having to make the decision of pulling the plug on his life support, as he lays lifeless in an intensive care bed.

Sure that sounded cold, but hey, he’s already brain-dead, isn’t he? Aww fuck it! I just can’t stand the guy as I’ve explained in the past, where he accuses Barack Obama of inciting a race war in America. Anywhoo, check him out in one of his ongoing displays of corporate media sanctioned bigotry: