BREAKING: Barack Obama was an extra in the ‘Whoomp There It Is’ video?

OK, look, check it, we got some serious shit to talk about today, folks. Yeah, forget the oil spill, forget the two wars we’re involved, forget the economy, unemployment and all that other shit that’s just not as important as what the hell we gotta talk about today. And you know what? I have to tip my hat to non other than one of my fellow Tennessee Tea Party people for pointing this out. Rumor has it, that Barack Obama was an extra in the ‘Whoomp There It Is’ music video.

OK, look, I know it sounds crazy, but dammit I need Barack Obama to step up and tell the truth about this. He needs to come out and repudiate, denounce, regurgitate, or whatever that shit he does is called like he did with Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Damn right he does! He does because I’m a bit bothered by the idea that some guy from the music video from one of the songs I can’t stand is occupying the White House. Now as a Hip Hop head I’d like to think my president has a lil bit of swag in him. But, er, um, not 1993 Tag Team swag.

It’s bad enough considering how I laid into Michael Savage in my last post for asserting that Obama represents and is the epitome of Hip Hop culture and its dumbing down and niggerization effect on America. Yep, it’s bad that I went there on Savage yesterday, only to be met with this shit. Checkout the following video from the 1993 annoying smash hit from the group Tag Team – pay attention to the 1:01 mark of the video below:

Alright, so I know there has been several well known ghetto conspiracy theories to which any number of black people subscribe to. Yes, there are some of my cousins who you cannot convince that Tupac Shakur is dead; or that the middle number of our social security numbers are not designed to detect black people; or that there’s no way Jay-Z sold his soul to the devil, and is now a member of the Illuminati. All foolish when you think about it; but dammit, this one I’m convinced is true. I’m not into believing the whole Kenyan birth certificate/Closet Muslim/Anti-Christ thing, but this one I am.

I don’t wanna think that ‘Whoomp There It Is’ was actually Obama first choice as a campaign slogan. I mean think about it, second to MC Hammer’s ‘You Can’t Touch This’, that fuckin song brought  white and black folks together like nothing we’ve ever seen.

Sure they say that everyone has a twin or look-a-like running around; and yes, that guy did look like Barack Obama. But until Obama holds a press conference to address this, I’ll always believe that he was an extra in that video. Where you at Barry-O?

Quite frankly, the American public deserves to know the truth about this. I love you Barack, but you gotta come clean on this one, and you have until 2012, buddy. I’ono y’all, but this is worse than the Aaron Hall saying “Dumb Bitch,”  controversy of 1988, in the Guy classic ‘Piece Of My Love’. But then again, maybe this is just the street cred he needs to prove to people like Bill Maher just how black he is (?).

They’ve run Barack through the mud y’all, and yes I’m always there to defend him. But with this one, I, just, can’t…’cuz, well, I’ve always seen him as an ‘Ambitionz As A Rider’ type of guy. But then again maybe at the end of the day Republicans can’t really say anything about this as I’m sure many of them were among the annoying white folks who treated this song as Hip Hop royalty.

Post-Racial? Whoomp, there it is!!