Its definitely summertime alright. There’s currently a heatwave hitting certain parts of trhe country right now. I live in Memphis Tn, and unfortunately for me, its hot extremely hot here every summer. With a “heatwave” its extra hot around here, sorta like the gateway to hell hot.I’m not playing either. Its so hot around here that I just drove past a cotton field, and some of the slaves said fuck it, its too hot to work, beat my ass Massa Charlie. I’m serious. You know that Global warming is a bitch these days. Slavery was fucked up as it was, but could you imagine how it would have been when you throw Global warming in there? I know I went shopping with the family and it was so hot that my fat ass could hardly breath. Fat people have trouble breathing as is, but damn that, it wasn’t my fat rolls fuckin with me, it was the humidity. Yesterday it got up to 112° or 120° with the heat index. We would go into stores, and it would still be hot. And that was with the air conditioning running at full blast. I’m telling you, it was miserable yesterday, and its no better today.I couldn’t help but to think of all the old people who were stuck in their homes without air conditioning. Almost every summer you hear of stories of old people who die from heat strokes because they lack air conditioning, or because they couldn’t afford to pay their bill. While some of us take the opportunity to run around half naked, using the heat as an excuse, there are folks dying from it. After reading this, some of you should meake a concious effort, to go check on an elderly person. Be sure to go check on them, and make sure they’re not dying from the heat. Get them out of those sweltering homes. Shit, take them out half naked like you, if you have to. Nevermind their wrinkles, or saggy boobs. They’ll love you for it, or even remember to include you in their will. Hell, the old men would be happy enough to be able to see all these half naked young chicks running around in the streets. They’d probably have erections, and thats a great thing. Back in their day, there was no Global warming, half naked women in the streets, and definitely no Viagra. As a man, I don’t mind the half naked women running around. Its the dudes wife beaters I can’t stand. You know, the dudes with manboobs sporting those extra medium wife beaters? If only I was as brave as those cats. Me and my manboobs would be alot cooler, and alot happier.