Stop Being a Bitter Bitch and Call your Baby Daddy for Father’s Day

This Sunday is Fathers Day, and some of you ladies with kids probably didn’t even remember that. Some of you knew it, but still don’t really care. For whatever reason you just don’t care that Father’s Day is around the corner. Well guess what? I wanna talk to you for a minute. I’m assuming that you’re single and you still have issues with the father of your kid(s). No, I’m not talking about the way he “treats” the kid(s); he might be the best dad in the world for all I know. I’m talking about the fact that YOU still have a problem with him. See where I’m going with this? Ok fuckit I’ll say it: you are still not over him.


Yeah I know that’s exactly what you were thinking. It’s ok, I expected you to be in denial. Sure did, even after all those years. So you say you’ve moved on, you’ve seen different guys. Hell, you may even be in a relationship right now! But I know it and you know it; you’re still not over him. Ok, then why is it that when one of your girlfriends mentioned that she saw him the other day you had that nausea feeling in your stomach? That plus you shot your girlfriend that famous Neffie side-eye. See, didn’t know I knew about that, right?

Yeah at the mention of his name you get the screwface. When your kid(s) start talking about him you tune them out. He calls the house to talk to the kid(s) and you treat him like he is a bill collector or a telemarketer calling for the 100th time. You do all these things and I’m here to say that its not healthy. What good is it doing you? Oh and if you think the kid(s) are oblivious to your feelings about him, you really need help.

Look, it’s time for you to get over it; it’s time to move on with your life. You are doing nothing but holding yourself back, literally. I mean hell, he’s moved on. Just look at him in the pic above; he’s happy!! Even though he’s not with you anymore, he’s happy. Ok yeah so his knees are still ashy, but he’s so happy that he and his new girlfriend dress alike. Listen, don’t front and act like they look stupid. You both did the same shit when you were together. And on top of that you wanna make shit worse by hatin’ on the new girlfriend by calling her a fat bitch. Have you looked at yourself lately? Yeah, you used to be his fat bitch, remember?

Look lady, stop torturing yourself like that. Move on with your life, and be happy. Fuck it, call him and wish him a happy Fathers Day. That’s a step in the right direction. Truth be told, Father’s Day isn’t about you; you do not have a penis, or a set of balls – or at least I hope you don’t – so stop it with the “I’m mommy and daddy,” talk, ok? After you call him you’re gonna feel better about yourself. Your whole attitude is gonna change after that call. Hell you might even start dressing like his new girlfriend in the picture above. If you do, don’t even think about trying to get him back.

He ain’t shit, remember?