Say it Loud, I’m Fat and I’m Proud?

I know that many of you have preferences when it comes to dating or being sexually promiscuous as most of you are. Some of you can be picky while some of you are just happy that the person has teeth if nothing else. I did a blog a while back where some of the women said that they’d rather have sex with a big dude instead of Prince. I still think some of them were lying. Even as feminine as Prince comes off you’d still have sex with him before you do the big dude. See, big dudes aren’t sexy and they were never intended to be sexy in today’s society. The only time being a big dude was sexy was if you were the Emperor of Rome. You never see a big dude on a billboard half naked advertising underwear. Lets be honest; big dudes are not the standard. But you’ll see a big girl advertised wearing big draws all day everyday, no?

It wasn’t until recently that big girls started openly getting some love. Hell until I started hanging out online I had never heard of the term BBW (Big Beautiful Women). Hell until the internet BBW’s were just FAT CHICKS. Somewhere along the line somebody decided that they’ve had enough and decided to make big women beautiful. Am I saying that they’re not? Hell no! I’ve seen BEAUTIFUL big women and I’ve seen UGLY big women! One things for sure, there is no correlation between beauty and size. But I am kinda tired of BBW’s coming off like they’re oppressed. They come off as if they have no choice but to be overweight. Listen, nobody is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to consume 5000 calories a day while you do nothing but sit on the internet. I’m tired of cruising the internet and seeing BBW’s on these social networks representing for the big girls before they represent for themselves as women. I’m all for anyone being proud of who they are but damn, when will it stop!

I’m just glad that it hasn’t caught on with guys and I hope it never will. The last thing I need to start seeing around here are a bunch of fat dudes like me running around like they’re in a fraternity looking for approval. I’ve heard the term BHM (Big Handsome Male) used loosely and I think its wack. Just because you’re a FAT DUDE does NOT automatically make you handsome you fat fuck! Look, I’m fat and chances are you’re fat too. This is America, everybody is fat. It’s stupid that in today’s society that you have to “represent” to feel better about yourself. And the sad thing about it is that these people are proud! I’ve yet to see a woman or man run that proud to be fat rhetoric while at the same time saying how unhealthy it is to be overweight. Too often we get caught up in aesthetics and outward appearances instead of focusing on what we put in our bodies. Think about that the next time you see a proud BBW. Or if you are a proud BBW think about how much you’re supporting an unhealthy lifestyle. Fuck it, if you wanna rep being overweight, maybe you should move to Mississippi. Its the state with the highest percentage of overweight people in this country.

Being overweight is unhealthy. And there are thousands, if not millions of people, who are grossly overweight. Even better, there are thousands of people who are doing something positive about their health condition. Make no mistakes about it, being overweight is an adverse health condition. People are trying to do all they can do to prolong their lives after years of abuse and neglect by and to themselves. If you’re still running around here screaming that you’re fat and you’re proud! Maybe you should consider brain surgery?

Still feeling proud to be fat?