“Soulja Boy is a Walking Advertisement for White Supremacy Groups” – Elon James White (TWIB)

Just when I needed an official description for the aforementioned in the title of this post, my man Elon James White of Brooklyn Comedy Company came through; and as always he didn’t disappoint. Good move especially since people like me have been stalking his blog and Youtube channel like 3AM crack whores for a new video. Yeah Elon, I see you over at Huffington Post doin’ ya thing fam, but what about us? What about the little guy son?!! Don’t forget the little people; us midgets need love too.

If you’ve been following much of the talk in the blogosphere this week much of it has been about BET and it’s failed attempt of a tribute to Michael Jackson at their award show a few days ago. I’ve already let you guys know how I felt about it, now checkout my man Elon James as he breaks it down. Umm, if any of you may be privy to this guys phone number please lemme know; I’d sure love to get together and work with him one day son!Yeah, my comedic writing game is on fiyah son!!