LT’s alleged rape victim speaks: So who’s worse, Lawrence Taylor, or the pimp?

One of my good friends called me from up north this morning. And, for about the third time in the last few days, he tried to feed me that “Lawrence Taylor was setup,” bullshit. I guess I was supposed to say “Yeah son, they definitely are trying to take that n*gga down, yo… yeah, dude was setup… how they just gonna throw some 16yr old coochie all up in a n*ggas face like that, and expect him to turn that shit down, right?” Yeah, according to my boy, the fact that Taylor admitted paying $300 for sex didn’t mean anything.

I’ono, my man has had some recent run-ins with the law, so I guess he’s just straight up on some f*ck the police shit; even though it wasn’t like the police went out of their way to pour him a few drinks, only to arrest him for a DUI a few hours later. After we kicked in on the phone, and me schooling him to the culpability of the pimp in this case. I felt compelled to shine some light on that low life muthaf*cka on this blog post tonight. See the thing is, everybody is focused on the celebrity ex-footbal player in this case; and not half as much on the victim, or even the rat bastard pimp, Rasheed Davis:

The teenage hooker allegedly raped by Lawrence Taylor in a sleazy Rockland County hotel room told The Post yesterday about how her alleged pimp brutally forced her to have sex with the Giants great after she initially refused.

“I told him I wasn’t going to the hotel, and he said, ‘You’re f- – -ing this up, it’s $300,” the frightened Bronx girl, 16, said Rasheed Davis, 36, screamed at her early Thursday.

“He hit me in the face, so I covered my face,” said the girl, whose name The Post is withholding.

She crouched down on the ground to avoid Davis’ blows, but “[he] started kicking and stomping on me,” the girl said.

Davis then dragged her to the Holiday Inn to meet with the Hall of Fame linebacker, barking instructions at her along the way, she recalled.

“He told me to tell him my name is Carmen and I’m 19 years old,” she said. “He told me repeatedly and I had to repeat it back to him.”

When she arrived at hotel in Suffern, “the lights were off and [Taylor] didn’t see my face was bruised,” the girl recounted. “Lawrence asked me my age and I told him I was 19.”

She said she feared for her life if she didn’t have sex with Taylor.

“If I didn’t go through with it, [Taylor] would’ve called Rasheed and there would have been consequences,” she said. “God knows what would’ve happened if I didn’t go through with it.”

On the drive back to The Bronx, the girl frantically text-messaged her uncle about the alleged assault and prostitution.

“Tio [the uncle] help me,” she hurriedly typed out while still in the alleged clutches of Davis, according to a copy of the text shown exclusively to The Post. “I don’t want to live like this.”

After getting the message, her uncle called 911 and cops were waiting at Davis’ home to arrest him.

The uncle said the girl is now in foster care, and her biological father is seeking custody. (Source)I gotta admit, I read the above story not too long before my dude called this morning. And being the father of two teenage daughters, the account of this young lady really ticked me off. So needless to say, I was super hyped when I went off about this shit on the phone. As with most rape cases, the female victim is always suspect to be on some bullshit. But dammit, in this case it is quite clear just exactly what happened. That said, I’m not giving a f*ck about Lawrence Taylor; he put himself in this situation as far as I’m concerned.

My boy wasn’t trynna hear it, and felt he should get off because the girl lied about her age. It was then I suggested that if that was his stance, just what should happen to the pimp? He had no words, and that fired me up even more. How the f*ck you gonna be sympathetic to Lawrence Taylor? Whether he knew her age or not isn’t of any consequence. The fact that there’re men out there creating a demand, pimps will always be there with a supply, and continue to wreck the lives of women; who in most cases start as teenage prostitutes.

You see, in Black culture, the image of the street pimp or “hustler”, f*cking detests me. No joke! When a person approaches me and says “What’s up pimpn’?” I swear ‘fo God and Malik Yoba’s crusty lips, I almost always wanna slap the shit out of ’em. Muthaf*ckas revere pimps as heroes, and I can’t stand that shit. Yep, it’s one of the reasons I hate Snoop Dogg and his no talent havin’ ass. It’s also the reason why I’m still mad that 36 Mafia won an Oscar for their song from the movie Hustle & Flow; sorry, but that wasn’t a good look Memphis.

But of course I understand that urban youth culture is rampant with the acceptance of mediocrity; and, also the all around foolishness and everyday f*ckery. But listen, there’s nothing positive or prideful about being a pimp, having “game”, or a “strong” pimp-hand. Shit, white men used to be just like that back in the day and they used to call their institution slavery. So what you got a few dollars in your pocket? At the end of the day the pimp is less of a human being than the female who got on her knees, or laid on her back with lord knows who.

Unlike the Shaniya Davis rape and murder case, this story wouldn’t receive the traction and attention in the media, that I think it should. And sadly, the voice of the victim in this case will be ignored; just as the actions of the pimp has, all because there’s a celebrity involved. But just think, this type of thing happens everyday in the streets across America; and unfortunately, continue it will, unless more people care enough to speak out and up against it.

In my book, pimps are as bad as murderers….