Kim Kardashian and Ann Coulter are Just Spokes in the Wheels

Folks were up in arms with two women yesterday . First Kim Kardashian decides to throw in the towel and file for divorce and then Ann Coulter decides to go on air and exclaim  and I quote “ Our blacks are better than THEIR blacks”.  Wait for it because the ire against both is totally misplaced.

Ann Coulter on Sean Hannity:


Kim Kardashian Files for Divorce


Everyone spitting anger and ire at Kim Kardashian for her ostentatious wedding and pre-wedding antics followed by a divorce in only weeks from the date of the nuptials needs to direct it squarely at the media. Follow up that outrage and direct it at a society that feels publicly airing the antics of a person who has done nothing more than show up and receive all kinds of publicity and celebrity status for doing absolutely NOTHING. Why get mad at someone who is just an attention whore and has decided that she is going to be compensated for her time in the spotlight?  Something someone else perfected perhaps and maybe will go down in textbooks as the Palin Principle?

The current glut of reality shows that depict women as cat-fighting gold diggers et al, no one has any issue with or takes exception with. Evidently, those that watch these things possess this mindset. Accordingly, albeit arguably the media and companies continue to put this stuff out for public consumption because they are making money by doing so. They want to make money, so if people are going to BUY it or watch it, then they are going to go all out and make sure they GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT.  So no sense in getting mad at Kim she is merely a spoke in the wheel.

As to Ms. Coulter and I use the female prefix real loosely here,  she too is a tool of  a system that is looking for sound-bites to bring that uptick to ratings and cause people to consequently turn in to see what next new shocking thing is said. That she CHOOSES to be the tool of those with political and racist agendas just speaks to the level of her overall character. There are plenty folks out here that want to make money and are faced with dropping all scruples and doing something that we clearly know is wrong and they chose not to. Ms. Coulter apparently has no such qualms.

The media in compliance with the overall growing racial tone that is over-taking this country will, I wonder be held accountable how – for continuing to provide platforms for racists, and blazing narcissists  for our consumption- no then again  probably not.

In fact they will probably fall all over themselves trying to create reality shows out of the race riots that could spring from the continued fanning of racial fires that are going on.

Doubtful any of the program producers or the corporate sponsors of these lame females-acting-ignorant shows will feel any remorse about the young girls watching this crap and perhaps being influenced by the images they are presenting to them on a regular basis.

At least I am sure they are counting on making barrels of money without any consequences direct or indirect.

In the meantime I along with many other will opt out of watching the human train wrecks that they continue to spit out in search of killer ratings from the sheeple that continue to watch.