No, But Seriously: Who’s Kim Kardashian?

I’m contemplating spending the rest of my life watching Reality TV, instead of reading anything educational, informative, and watching the news.This being “aware” of what’s going on in the world thing is getting kinda old. Besides, being ignorant may not be as bad as I’ve always thought. Hell, I want to be blissful like the millions of people in America. So like, who is this Kim Kardashian guy? Does he have anything to do with running North Korea? No seriously, why is it all of a sudden everyone is even talking about this guy. He got divorced? Big deal! He’s not the first regular person to get divorced. Hell, you people act as if he’s a celebrity or something. So what his marriage only lasted 30 minutes. Who cares? Hell, did Kardashian find a cure for HIV/Aids? Create peace in the Middle East? Solved the problems of the economy? Fuck, did he even figure out who killed Tupac or Biggie?

Truthfully, there’s celebrity, and there’s, well, why are you a celebrity again? And frankly, I’m tired of this shit. I’m tired of this Reality Show generation of America. Sure America is a land of make believe that you can be whatever you want to be. But when people satisfy their voteristic fetish for all things they wish they were or had, that’s when we’re lost. And I’ll be perfectly honest: as a society today through pop culture, we’re lost like a mutha%@ka! Don’t get me wrong, I think I’m well cultured; heck, I know a thing or two about a thing or two. But life is about balance; shit, too much of one thing is good for nothing. As such, I think as a people we’re out of wack these days. I think we’re too caught up in fantasies of pouring Cristal in Corn Flakes and wiping our asses with one hundred dollar bills. Sure things are rough for many of us economically right now. Yes, and there’s nothing wrong with an escape from reality err’y now and then. But best believe: knowing the every move of Kim Kardashian gets you no where. Having said that, check out the following from my kinfolk, author, scholar and scientist, Dr. Torrance Stephens:

If you go on twitter, it is not hard to see what the average African American considers as being important and worthy of incessant attention. For that matter, you can also conclude why our community is in the state of disarray it is. Our main problem is not being able to prioritize in concert with not engaging our attention to matters and issues that proffer a tangible importance to our collective well-being.

Ask the average black person about Greece, they may something about the debt crisis, but for certain than can speak astutely on its salads and yogurt more than the former. Comparatively speaking, ask them about anything related to Ms. Kim and some self-absorbed rapper, they can speak with the prowess of a Neil Bohr on particle physics. This is what I find problematic: occupation with mundane idiocy that has nothing to do with our lives than those issues that do.We question why African American youth perform poorly academically in schools, or why we don’t attend or graduate from college, yet we never examine our own practices and behaviors that contribute to this. For the way I see it, it would be more reasonable to attend to the high unemployment and dropout rates in our community than what one Kardashian does.

This is not funny. Now I know folks say I am piling up on my folk, but really I am not. It reminds me of the student I may have in my class who is failing who ask for extra credit at the last moment just to pass, when they did not attend class regularly, did not do their homework and didn’t take notes when they did attend.This is equally comparable to our inattention to the Greek and European sovereign debt crisis.

Now Dating Uncle Ben

For the record, the European sovereign debt crisis has more of an impact on our daily lives and is way more import than any Kardashian or Jay-Z and Kanye West Concert will ever have. Sadly I want to believe people know this, but more sadly is the possibility that they do and still don’t care to inform themselves on the topic as much as they do the Kardashian or the concert.

To put is plainly. Countries like Greek and Ireland and Spain and Italy have borrowed lots of money from other European nations and now they cannot pay it back. America in turn does business, a lot of business with Europe so it will hit us making us suffer just as bad also. Why because the global market is based on the massive buying, selling and trading of bonds and complex papers that bundle risk that folks buy in hopes of making a profit. (CONTINUE READING HERE)

I encourage you to click the above link and continue reading the above piece over at my man’s site, Raw Dawg Buffalo. You don’t have to be a regular reader of this site to know that shit’s f%@ked up with the American economy. Yes the economy has shown a 2.5% growth in the last quarter, but joblessness especially for people of color remains. It continues to persist at epic and catastrophic levels. So at the end of the day, Kim Kardashian could get divorced seven times this week, and we as a people – Black people – are still screwed. Oh, and if it really blows up in Europe and ushers in a double dip recession. You better believe your sweet ass that none of us can look to Kim Kardashian for food and shelter. But hey, like the picture above, I suppose we can enjoy her piggyback riding our broke asses while she continues to enjoy her irrelevant celebrity.