What Exactly Did Rick Sanchez Say Wrong?

So CNN’s afternoon guy, Rick Sanchez, was fired yesterday. Supposedly he said some foul shit on a radio show, that was interpreted to be anti-Semitic. My initial reaction without giving a listen to, or having any knowledge of what was said was… Damn, if only CNN had moved this quickly on Lou Dobbs…

But hey, I realize that Lou Dobbs is an old white man so he can pretty much get away with any form of bigotry against any anybody. Hell, if Lou Dobbs sat in Helen Thomas’ seat and said what she said about Israel and “them Jews”, I’m pretty sure that unlike Helen Thomas, his old cantankerous ass would still have a job.

Uh-huh, yeah… watch ya back Roland Martin! Of course had it been Roland Martin who said the very same words or opinions expressed as Sanchez, the black community would be in an uproar. But after listening to what Sanchez said, maybe it explains why Roland doesn’t have his own show with the network.

What, is Roland only good enough for TV One?

No but seriously, that’s how I felt when I first heard the news. But now that I’ve heard the audio, I’m not quite sure that I can say that he did or said anything wrong. Nothing anti-Semitic at least. Now if he said something like “Jews owned the slave ships that brought black folks over from Africa,” yeah, that would be so wrong.

But like I said, I don’t see where anything he said was offensive, or derogatory enough to warrant him losing his job. OK, so yeah, maybe he was hatin’ on Jon Stewart (who happens to be Jewish) just a tad for jabs taken at him in the name of comedy on The Daily Show.

Personally, I believe Sanchez has a right to feel the way he does as seen through a racial lens. As a minority, Sanchez has a right to feel some-type-of-way about how he’s perceived. Which is really a trip coming from me because I take shots at just about anybody on this very site everyday.

But I’m black… and that means I can get a pass (I’m so laughing at that last line). I mean we had slavery, and they had the Holocaust. And no, not to compare and have a trivial debate about atrocities. But, as Sanchez said, I don’t exactly see or hear of anybody Jewish having a hard time getting a job because of being Jewish.

I’m a black man, and like Sanchez, I’m a minority. And just like a Jewish man/woman my age who never dealt with the Holocaust, I’ve never had to attempt to escape from a plantation. However, the honest truth is that people like Rick and myself – by virtue of being minorities – still face disadvantages here in the U.S. of A…

Unfortunately, these are disadvantages to which the majority of people in America outside of the minority group, are clueless. So yeah, while you may think Sanchez sounds like he has a chip on his shoulder, realize that chances are you feeling that way is a direct result of being a non-minority; or having a privileged mindset.

Sanchez made some very salient points, but sadly, none of them will be discussed; not even in the comment section of this blog. But if there’s anything to learn from this, is that you don’t f@#k with Jon Stewart. Sanchez made an error in referring to him as a bigot, and actually took it back. But I understood his larger point.

Listen to the interview and tell me what you think: