One Nation March: It’s Time for Progressives to be Heard! [VIDEO]

Because you can’t stay neutral on a moving train, and because democracy is what happens between elections, it’s time for progressives to be heard loud and clear. The One Nation Working Together March, is something I can get with. Anything else is, well, really foolish and regressive to me.

Ya hear me Glenn Beck minions? Oh yeah, and that means you too feet dragging Democrats! There’s a fierce urgency of now for the progressive movement, and anyone interested in “Hope & Change”.

Sorry, this isn’t about “taking our country back.” Instead, it’s about the lives of “We The People” interested in progress. Hopefully the following video expands on the necessary conversation we should be having.

QUESTION(S): What do you think about the message of the of this movement? Do you think politicians and the current administration are listening? Does this motivate you to vote Dems?