So apparently ‘Mexican Piss’ makes police officers cry

Of course I realized that I haven’t blogged about the story out of Seattle where racist adrenaline junkie cop assaulted a Hispanic man; and, well, hurled racist epithets at him, while politely stomped the shit out on him as he lay face down on the pavement. Yeah, I’ve also realized the fact that I haven’t put police brutality on blast for a while here at The Intersection.

So anyway, you know the drill; you know how I feel about this type of behavior; and, I have obviously spent alotta time on stories like this in the past. So all I have to say, is that this type of stuff doesn’t even shock me anymore. But more specifically, I had no idea that ‘Mexican Piss’ was able to make a grown man cry. So yeah, fuck you, your apology, and your crocodile tears, buddy; just be happy you still have your job: