Author of Arizona’s SB1070, Kris Kovach, explains ‘reasonable suspicion’ in police training video

So who is Kris Kovach? Well, he’s not only an attorney for the anti-immigration hate group FAIR as pointed out by the Southern Poverty Law Center. He’s also a former Bush administration lawyer. In the wake of 9/11, he crafted the “National Security Entry-Exit Registration System,” which required fingerprinting and monitoring of visitors from Muslim and Arab countries. A system which as Race In America points out, profiled and registered, 83,000 people; and, the arbitrary detention of 1,000 of them. Of course it is also important to point out that as a result of this practice, or exercise in “effective policing”, not a single terrorist was identified.

More to the point, and for the intents and purposes of this post, Kris Kovach is the man behind Arizona’s anti-immigration law, SB1070. And as a post at Mother Jones points out, his reach extends way beyond the state of Arizona, as he is now assisting other states in implementing similar laws. And get this! As the GOP chair in Kansas, he once bragged about illegally blocking minorities from voting, because they tend to overwhelmingly vote for Democrats. Hmmm, but yet there are people in this country who are in support of Arizona’s new law? Yep, and some of them just happen to be blissfully ignorant Black people?

Of course since the story broke several weeks ago, and since “reasonable suspicion” is all authorities need to stop and demand documentation from suspected illegal immigrants. The running question (by opponents and people who care) has been: Just exactly what exactly is “reasonable suspicion”? Since this measure isn’t inherently racist by nature, just exactly does an “illegal immigrant” look like. Well, in the following clip to surface on the internet recently, Kris Kobach in a police training video lecture breaks it all down:

So there you have it, folks. Yep, now when someone asks just what exactly is “reasonable suspicion”? Remember the fine points of this video that is being used as a training tool for Arizona police officers. Pretty technical stuff and tough to remember, I might add. However, you can skip most of it and refer to the very last two points. Which would be the attire worn by everyday Latino immigrants. Just remember, it is not racial profiling to remain vigilant for anyone wearing a Sombrero who looks and sounds like Speedy Gonzales. It’s actually effective government sanctioned, and encouraged ethnic cleansing policing.

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