Slave Catcher of the Week: Rev. Al Sharpton The “Refined” Agitator, Mascot, & Sellout

Usually when I feature who deem to be slave catchers or anyone exhibiting slave catcher behavior, I do so without apology. Having said that, it sorta pains me to present Rev. Al Sharpton in this light. Yes many of you Negroes have talked shit about the man in the past, and yes I’ve defended him and deemed him very necessary in the struggle. However, I caught his interview on 60 Minutes last Sunday, and well, let’s just say I saw some things about the man that well, doesn’t sit too well with me. The brother was in slave catcher mode.

To put it mildly, he has become, in fact, the “Black Mascot” of the White House as Dr, Cornel West warned him of becoming a few weeks ago. And it’s sad that he’s happy to be just that in “post-racial” America as it is today.

Don’t believe me? OK, well checkout the interview for yourself and tell me I’m wrong. Uh-huh, pay attention to where he says “America has changed and therefore Al Sharpton has changed.” And if that doesn’t convince you, pay attention to his justification on not critiquing the president on anything ever and especially in the face of double digit black unemployment. I could be wrong, and maybe you can convince me, but Rev Al Shapton has truly sold out.

Sorry Al, but sitting around smoking cigars every week with very wealthy white men in Manhattan is a long way from the days of wearing track suits and carrying a bull horn. And while Negores are still hungry and jobless, that’s not a good look. But g’head and get your corporate on while you can. Obama ain’t gon’ be there4 forever. And lucky for you, cops are gonna shoot yet another innocent Black body in the future. We in the hood are watching you, pimp.