Roland S. Martin Speaks Truth, But Y’all Black Folks Ain’t Hearing Him Though

My wife isn’t very fond of Roland S. Martin. All through the presidential campaign back in 2008 she would let it be known as she watched CNN. Me? I have no problem with the brotha; hell, I even overlook the fact that he’s blocked me on Twitter (yes, him and Andrew Breitbart have both blocked me so I must be doing something right); and, I’ve even went as far as to suggest that he be allowed to have his own prime time network show in mainstream media.

Of course I don’t always agree with Roland; and no, I’m not a fan of the Ascot; but, I do admire his tenacity with which he often defends his position publicly whether he’s right or wrong. Speaking of which, he’s 100% correct in the following video. The following video is the latest in TV One’s “The Back Room” installment. And in it, he discusses the subject of black folks choosing to be passive and press president Obama on issues that directly affect us directly, and indirectly, which overall has a negative impact on society at large.

The idea for some, is that “we” should wait until POTUS has secured a second term in office to start making demands. A stance or position that is justified by the notion that president Obama can’t be perceived to be “helping black folk,” because to do so would alienate white voters, who in turn would refuse to vote for him. Of course you guys know that I think this idea is foolish and dare I say akin to the slave-like mentality some of us are afflicted with. However, it was good to see Roland express the same concern with Kelli Goff, Contributing Editor of, and for that, he gets major props from me..