Slave Catcher of the Week: H.K. Edgerton the real Black White Supremacist

No seriously, this guy in the following video should hold the title ‘Slave catcher of the Millennium’ – the new millennium at least. I swear, I listen to him speak in this video and he cracks-me-the-fuck-up, OK? Pay attention to the 8:29 minute mark especially; that’s when he really fucked me up. Ok, Ok, Ok, I’m not gonna say anymore except….

…doesn’t it look like the white dude holding the mic interviewing him did a good job of looking this guy in the eye and holding back on saying “Nigger please!” No for real, I doubt even he – the white dude – believed what he was hearing. The sad thing is that this is real and not a Dave Chappelle ‘Black White Supremacist’ skit.