Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr. says Black Democrats & Liberals are members of the ‘Coalition of the Godless’

I swear fo’ God and Dwight Gooden’s crackpipe, I’m sick of the marriage of religion and politics. Just when I was getting used to the everyday run of the mill bigoted Christian religious fundamentalist, in steps Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr. You may not know the guy because you’re as ‘godless’ as me as he puts it, for being a black liberal/progressive. But he’s the founder of the organization Staying True to America’s National Destiny [S.T.A.N.D.] (umm,where the fuck we’re supposed to be heading following this guy?). And also founder of Exodus Faith Ministries.

But anway, it would seem that the “good reverend” has sets his sights past the traditional collection plate for a come-up. Yep, he has formed the STAND AMERICA PAC… or political action committee for those of you not hip. Yep, according to the Rev. he is “declaring political war on the Democrat Party and the liberal Congressional Black Caucus,” to end the deception that is hurting the black community by supporting the “Coalition of the Godless.”

This slave-catcher spoke out at the anti-hate crimes bill rally last year in protest of a bill that not only protects homosexuals, but also people who are victims of crime motivated by their ethnicity. Hell the bill was co-named after James Byrd who was dragged to death in Texas several years ago, but yet they say God don’t like ugly. But hey, he did win the lottery recently and donated $10 million to Morris Brown College, an HBCU  with strong ties to the Baptist church:
Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr., retired attorney and Harvard Law graduate, is declaring political war on the Democrat Party and the liberal Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). Bishop Jackson, having fought for pro-life and pro-family causes for 25 years, has entered fully into the political arena by forming a political action committee. The top priority of STAND AMERICA PAC, formed on April 1, 2010, is to recruit and support conservative black candidates to run against liberals in Congressional Black Caucus districts.

Says Bishop Jackson, “The black community has been deceived into voting for liberal black leadership which does not reflect their values.” Jackson’s strategy is to have black voters register as independents and vote their Christian values. He argues that the black voter is a conservative church going person. “This was shown by the large black vote for Proposition 8 to ban homosexual marriage in California. The black legislative leaders supported it, but the black voters did not. What does that tell us? These leaders are out of touch with the people. It is time to vote them out.”

According to Bishop Jackson, CBC members insult the black community by “conflating the black struggle for civil rights with the demands of radical homosexuals for marriage and other special rights.” He calls it “one of the most preposterous frauds ever perpetrated on a people.” In a recent speech before a black Christian men’s group in Williamsburg, Virginia, Bishop Jackson said, “Homosexuals have no history of slavery, Jim Crow, lynching or being legally defined as 2/3 of a person. I have known people who have been delivered from homosexuality. I have never known anyone to be delivered from being black. The Democrat Party’s commitment to abortion, homosexuality and moral relativism is an affront to the values of the black Christian community. It is a ‘Coalition of the godless.’ Black Christians do not belong in a ‘coalition of the godless,’ and should not vote for those who are.”

Bishop Jackson says the time has ended when getting elected to Congress in the black community requires no more than being a Democrat and play the race card. He says, “We must demand that representatives of the black community start respecting the values of the people who elect them. STAND AMERICA PAC has been formed to make sure that happens.”There so much that can be said about this tripe, but I’ll leave that up to you. I mean personally, he sounds like your typical black homophobic minister to to me; and hell, you guys reading this blog long enough pretty much know how I feel about that, right? I mean this guy may mean well, but hey, the road to hell is paved with bibles and people with good intentions.

Religion and politics should never intertwine, and this is where the Separation of Church and State thing in the constitution comes in, right? Frankly, I could do without this type of divisiveness or promotion of a belief system in my politics. Hell, it’s bad enough we have political ideological infighting as is; or one party assuming to corner the market on moral authority.

Sorry Rev., but with all due respect, until your church starts paying taxes, you can have a tall glass of that Holy STFU water, my man. Instead of getting people to donate money to your PAC, you should donate another $10 million of your lottery winnings to Michael Steele and the RNC. Shit, I’m sure they’ll put it to good use; hell, lesbian bondage strippers gotta eat too, right?

Any thoughts?