Single black women, forget dating men outside of your race; skip that and go directly to animals, or go gay

OK, so yeah, I see you giving me the laser-beam side-eye right about now after reading that title. But follow me on this one and hopefully you’ll understand. You see, this week DeNeen L. Brown, Washington Post staff writer delivered another tired and retreaded piece on the state of single black womanhood in America. The piece was titled: Single black women being urged to date outside the race. At the rate they’re going with this crap I won’t be surprised if a game show will soon premiere on national television called “Who Wants to Marry a Black Woman”. They might as well because articles like these seem to pop up every other day. Next thing you know, Barack Obama is gonna be under pressure to do something about this national epidemic of suicidal lonely black women. Yeah Barack, single black women need a “stimulus package”, bruh.

My man AverageBro suggested to me the other day, that there may be a correlation between the sudden popularity and frequency of these stories, and Michelle Obama being the first black first lady. And you know what? Now that I’ve thought about it, he might be right. Not saying that these articles never existed before the Obama’s moved into the White House. But it would appear that ever since they have, you’d be hard pressed to miss these featured articles on the plight of the black woman; yep, especially now that black is the new black. Personally, I see it as a direct attack and further emasculation of the black man, but that’s just me. So yeah, maybe my man AverageBro is correct; maybe with Michelle Obama’s prominence, this is just “the man’s” way of reminding sisters that they’ll never be as lucky?

Or could it be just a subtle reminder that the only “good black men” are the half white ones raised by white folks who go to Harvard. I’m just sayin’, the media happens to paint the picture that they do not exist otherwise; and the sisters are eating this shit up. One quote from the Washington Post article that I find problematic came from Lisa Vasquez who blogs at “Black Women Blow The Trumpet!“, was this:
“Divestment is an imperative of our self-preservation as black women”Damn, I didn’t know it was that hard for black women that “Divestment” was a necessary survival tool; for self-preservation? And this coming from a supposed woman of God? Be that as it may, why stop at dating outside of our race because of the inability to capture the elusive “good black man”. Why not just go past other races and start dating animals. Oops, I forgot, black men and animals are one in the same – they mate without a care and the only way to “train” them is to lock them away in cages. I mean after-all, these animals black men are destroying black women, right? Oh well, if not animals, maybe they’ll encourage black women to be open to being lesbians next….

I wish I could leave you with some positive thoughts on the article; I seriously do. But I’m sorry, I see it the way I see it, and I call it the way I do. But hey, what do I know; I’m just a black man who’s happily married to a black woman. Yep, obviously my wife is one of the lucky ones; either that or she settled for less. Yep, I’m no expert as even the Russians are on the subject of single black women in the following clip. Take a minute to check it out because to me it was hilarious; they even touched on black men stalking black women as a contributing factor to why some black women are single….

Yes, apparently the only crazy men with a propensity for stalking and jumping out of bushes happens to be black men; yeah, it’s in the DNA, just like being able to dunk a basketball. Besides that, the real hilarity of the video is that it’s produced by a Russian broadcasting network. When did Russians care about black people? Um, aren’t there only seven black people living in Russia? Hmm, maybe black women should look into importing their husbands from eastern Europe like white men currently do here in America. Surely they’re not open to dating and marrying black women if they go that far for love, no?