The sights of summer boobs return. …but why God! Why?

By guest writer Folk from Black Folks Don’t Swim!

Now this ain’t a post to disrespect fvckers with manboobs, this post is about the double fvcking standard in America regarding the female equivalent being exposed publicly.

Come on people! WTF! Folk knows we got bigger problems to deal with but really… Really… Folk got to see giggling gyrating azz man boobs and dunlapped bellies running, biking, and walking down the side walks of middle income America and that shyt is legal? Have y’all seen this shyt?

Folk know y’all dun seen these motherfvckers! Hell, you ain’t even got to be in middle income America to see this shyt. You can have yo’ azz in the projects, in the fvcking hood, and Rae Rae sitting out on the fvcking porch without a shirt dranking a 40 and smoking a lil oh-wee with fvcking sweaty azz man boobs! WTF!

Why is the female form so publicly hated, yet privately revered? This some old protestant / catholic victorian era bullshyt that needs to end!
So speak up! Speak out! If it’s legal to see a 300lbs of suckable man love tiddays then why is it illegal for a woman to show her jiggle-wiggles? Would you like to see the female bullshyt boob ban in America ended? Or maybe female Folk like seeing the man-boobs, Ladies?

Folk believe it’s time for the man-bra. Cover that shyt up (until females can show their boobies too)! Speak out on the summer male tiddy exposure.

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