The Black Vote: Taken for granted, ignored, or necessary?

The black vote is important because it represents the behavior of a group of people whose voting power had been denied. However, the black vote is unique because African American voting behavior is intrinsically rooted in the people’s history. Since the Reconstruction, the general behavior of blacks is to vote in block, either for one party or the other. Until Roosevelt came into the presidency and began the New Deal, blacks were committed to the Republican party.

So what happened? Looking back at the 2008 presidential elections, where blacks voted overwhelmingly Democrat, the question still remains: Just what went wrong or has changed?

Tonight we’ll break it down with a robust panel of guests representative of Democrats, Republican, and Independents. Most notably to present the case for the Republican party, will be Cladio Simpkins and Lenny McAllister, both of the Hip Hop Republican. Also joining us would be Kris Broughton of Brown Man Thinking Hard, Joshua Lazards of Uppity Negro Network, and Kriss of The Insanity Report – all notable writers and contributors within the black blogosphere.

Central to our discussion is the question: Which party today, best represents the interest of black America? Tonight, our guests will all make their best case for the parties with whom they identify. Do join me, Max Reddick, and The Janitor; feel free to share your opinions, and you be the judge, on Freedom Thru Speech Radio at 8pm EST/7pm CST. Until then, you tell me which political party or ideology, best represents the interest of Black America.

Who ya’ with and why?