I told myself that I was gonna watch the RNC this week and watch it with unbiased eyes. After all, I’m neither a Democrat or a Republican. Well, to make a long story short: The shit was wack and boring as hell last night. Noticeably absent were people who look like me. Yeah, I saw a few sprinkled here and there, but I’m not sure if they were in attendance or worked at the venue. I promise you, some of those old white people the camera would focus on in the audience, looked like they used fire hoses against black people back in the 60’s.

There was an obvious lack of enthusiasm unlike the DNC last week. Maybe its just me, or the fact that I haven’t knowingly hung out with republicans before, but I swear, these fuckers do not know how to party. You would’ve thought it was a funeral for John McCain or something. Seriously, they need to talk to Diddy or hire Kid Kapri because they clearly needed a hype man. No offense, but the “Law & Order” dude wasn’t it. As dead as that shit was, I can now understand why republicans are the way they are. They for the most part run around holding their butt cheeks tight. Well, unless you’re named Larry Craig or Rev. Haggerty.

Boring or not, I am glad that I did watch it, because I learned something. Until Laura Bush spoke last night, and so eloquently gave us FACTS. I had no idea that because of Bush’s strong focus on education (No Child Left Behind) that minorities now score the highest on standardized testing than they ever have in history. Yeah, she said that! Who knew?!! Thanks to president Bush, minority children are smarter. And to think it only took 400yrs for a white person to care about our education. Say what you want about republicans; yeah they probably make for lame sex partners. But you can’t deny the FACT that they’re the shit when it comes to improving the education of minorities.

Thanks Mr. Bush