So I’ve been watching these political conventions for the past two week, and you know what? Democrat or Republican, these folks are full of shit. No, not the candidates, they’re trying to get elected; they have to lie to get in. Who’s really full of shit are the speakers at these conventions. More specifically, the people who were once in the race via the primary stage.

I mean come on. Six months ago you were trying to convince me that you were the best person to run the country. And now today, you’re a loser who didn’t get nominated, and you stand before me, and try to convince me that the dude that kicked your ass is best for the country? Does that make sense? Talk about political convenience. Sheesh! Sure you’re loyal to your party, and you support party interests. But really?

Could you imagine if people really did that shit in real life? Could you imagine if before asking a girl to dance at the club, you had a few dudes step forward to convince her to say yes? Could you imagine that shit?

“Hey baby, I know you told me no when I asked you to dance because my breath stinks, but dude right here has madd swagger, and dresses better than me…shit he might even be a baller…you need to dance with him baby…fuck it…you need to take him home after the club and have unprotected sex, and hope he gets you pregnant…you need to get with that…his penis is bigger than mine.”

I haven’t been to the club in a while, but I’m sure if I witnessed that I’d be literally rolling on the floor laughing at the loser turned salesman. Is that what’s hot in the streets? I don’t think any of us would think that would be a genuine endorsement. But alot of us sit and listen to the losers speak, and commend them or their endorsement. We look for them to give us that “red meat” on opposing candidates to satisfy our inner barbarian hater-ism, and we buy into them.

And we do this and forget that these clowns are losers with an agenda. They’re either trying to get consideration for a job within the administration should the candidate win, or looking down the road for another run. Hillary Clinton did it, Mitt Romney did it, Mike Huckabee did it, Rudy Giuliani did it, and John McCain is doing it right now. McCain ran against George Bush and was a loser. He bucked the status quo, in an attempt to be the Maverick as they call him. But here he is sucking the dick of Bush in order to get elected. But now he wants to proclaim himself as a candidate for change.


Politicians, Preachers and Police…

you just can’t trust them.

Fuck you Rudy Giuliani….