Sarah Palin has a lot in common with black women? Did you know that?

I went over to The Grio and came across an article on Sarah Palin’s similarities with black women. I just about wanted to throw up. How utterly dreadful!

I’d wager that, unlike me, most black women – being liberal Democrats or Democratic-leaning independents – have a pretty negative view of Palin. She’s been called “white trash” by white elites, and even by some blacks. Yet ironically, Palin probably has just as much – and arguably more – in common with many black women than most female politicians. Palin is from a working-class family. She’s not from the “right” part of the country. She doesn’t possess the elite background that many folks have come to expect out of political leaders.

While she went through four different colleges and universities – eventually returning to the University of Idaho to finish – she did stick with it and get that degree. Like most black women, she has Christian faith. Palin tells you what she thinks. She has come up in a mostly male-dominated field. She is the breadwinner in her family, and she balances work and family commitments. She’s even had to deal with a teen daughter who had an out-of-wedlock child and “baby daddy” drama, an issue that America’s black moms disproportionately deal with regarding their daughters and suitors.
The author, Shamara Riley, could not have been any more condescending if she wanted to. Aside from completely and conveniently ignoring the “privilege” that enabled Palin to “rise” (if you would call it that) to various positions without merit, she compares us to Palin because of her daughter’s baby daddy drama, and completely disregarding upper and middle class blacks who don’t have any of the “issues” she talks about.

Then by her standards, we have a lot in common with other human pieces of sh*t. What a way to praise black women by comparing them to the walking mess that is Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin has never been a friend to African-Americans or blacks period. She was mean, condescending, and she instigated violence and hatred against the black man that was running against her by using her divisive talk. She belittled community organizers, used a teenage boy for her own ends, exploited her daughter and her family, and flaunted her stunning idiocy because the redneck trash that loved her wanted to screw her.

Sarah Palin is a simp, and she’s the anti-black woman. Women like Sarah Palin will get picked for jobs and promotions over qualified black women, men, other minorities and even white men. She’s proud of her lack of intellectuality, the same thing we cannot afford to allow in the black community. I take exception to the “distinction,” and ask that Miss Riley examine her issues with her own people.

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