Sarah Palin & Dr. Laura are not racist. Downright stupid maybe, but not racist!!

For some of you, the last few weeks has proved to be an unwelcome introduction to the good doctor. Some of you upon hearing her latest faux pas have asked yourselves: “who is this bitch?”

Well, with the help of The Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead, let’s take a good look back at the life and times of Laura Shlessinger, shall we?

Before we do, understand that this isn’t about racism, but instead, it’s about the right to be an idiot in America. In case you didn’t know, that right is etched in the constitution as well; don’t be lead to think differently.

Surely being criticized for saying the word “nigger” on national radio is akin to Jim Crow laws which forbid black folks from sitting at lunch counters, and the front seats of buses.Yep, time to ring the alram which signals the impending doom of whiteness in the era of Kenyan born plutocratic socialist rule.

Yes it is and it’s time for the long awaited White Civil Rights Movement to act Enter the Wasilla wingnut to whom ‘Ground Zero’ is a playground for retarded kids in Russia that she quite easily sees from her Alaskan bedroom window.

Yes, let’s take a look at the life of the woman, to whom Sarah Palin has recently defended, and lent her support, in the ongoing fight which is the preservation of constitutional rights meant exclusively for whites.