Ron McNeil (R-FL): Build the “Mosque” Nine Stories Underground

I dunno what’s happening in Florida, but with a Christian church proposing to hold a “Burn a Koran Day” on September 11th, I suppose what congressional candidate Ron McNeil (R-FL) had to say above isn’t surprising.  Nothing like getting a few hundred thousand votes by appealing to the prejudiced mind.

So according to this prick, Islam is against the “freedom” that America represents. Wow, I never knew that about Islam; but I do know that one of said “freedoms” in America happens to be one that has to do with freedom of religion and expression, no? You’d think in a Christian nation where black churches were bombed, that such a fundamental American ideal would be endorsed without question.

I dunno who fixes the Kool-Aid for Republicans, but somebodies slippin’ an idiot pill in it, that’s for sure. But then again this is Florida we’re talking about; I suppose all that sunshine eventually fries the brain.

TOTALLY IRRELEVANT SIDENOTE: In all fairness to the people concerned about the construction of the “mosque”: we built many ‘ground zeros’ near mosques in Iraq since March 2003.  

I tell you what? Say what you want about kids being screwed up these days (?). But kids like Doug Reed who was willing to challenge McNeil’s position, definitely gives me hope for the future of the nation.

As for the good folks of The Dove Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida?

Well, there ain’t no saving them; people like Pastor Terry Jones are a lost cause as are all religious nutjobs. But don’t tell them I said that; I’d hate to wake up to cross burning on my lawn in Jesus’ name.