Rush Limbaugh is a Brainwashed Nazi (so says fellow republican)

Hey Michael Steele, listen up. Remember when you did the whole “get on your knees” thing when you sucked Rush’s dick genuflected and performed an act of fellatio on Mr. Limbaugh after he put you on blast a while ago? Remember that? Yeah, you were the talk of the town, and laughing stock of Negroes like me. Well, Money Mike (can I call you that?), it seems like you needed a few more lessons in Blackness. So, in an attempt to school you, I’ve come up with the Blackest republican from whom you should take notes. Uh huh, if you listen to the following audio, its an exchange from one of your own as he called in to Rush Limbaugh’s show yesterday.

Pay attention:

Did you hear that Mike? You see how Charles from Chicago represented? Ok yeah, Charles isn’t Black, or at least sounded like he was. However, did you noticed how he pulled Rush’s card? Yes my friend, that’s how real men do real things. Real niggas like my man Charles stand up to fools like Limpballs and tell the truth. We don’t grovel and get on that yessum massa bullshit. We speak truth to power especially when we’re the ones in charge. Charles sound like a pretty cool old dude who loves his country in spite of his political affiliations. And you know what? I could hangout with people like that, and so too can Barack Obama.

I don’t care what or who you believe, as long as you’re able to tell the truth, you’re fine by me. Did you see how Rush cut him off and blasted him for telling the truth? Noticed how he called him ignorant? That’s what happens when the truth smacks you in the face. Usually when one is hit with truth, he has no recourse but to resort to the childish tactics the likes of 5yr olds on the playground. Charles is right, most of these talking heads in the media that represent the right-wing are brainwashed fools much like the Nazi’s of Germany. And sadly, they are responsible for much of this paranoia circulating in America today.

“Barack Obama is president of the United States today because of stupid, ignorant people who think like you do.” – Rush Limbaugh

Well Rush, seems like you’re wrong again. This is what he said to my man Charles. Obviously he wasn’t paying attention or his selective memory kicked in. Charles clearly stated that he voted for McCain. Oh well, maybe the pain pills affects the brain or hearing; the hell if I know. I do know that the reason Barack Obama is president is because, well, people were sick and tired of the last 8yrs of the leadership of the Bush regime. If that makes people like me or the rest of the majority who voted for Obama stupid and ignorant, well, as we say in the hood: “I’ll be that.”
I don’t know if you agree with what my man Charles said, but I do know that torture sure as hell isn’t the way to go. More importantly, I do agree that much of the negative talk I hear from consevatives on the anti-Obama train do amount to nothing more than soured grapes. The republican party needs new leadership, and maybe Charles is it. I don’t know if he is, but, I do know that true leadership requires one to be honest and admit his wrong doing.

What do you think?