Crazy Ass White Boys

So by now you’ve heard of the guy in Pittsburg who shot and killed 3 cops in a standoff last Saturday. I figured since I gave Lovelle Mixon some air time on this blog, I might as well do this same for this kid. Now I’m not gonna front. When I heard the news as it broke on TV last weekend, I clenched my butt cheeks really tight, crossed my fingers, and hoped that it wasn’t another Black guy who wigged out.

From what I heard from one of my Negro friends who stood up for the actions of Mixon, there’s supposed to be a race war coming. I don’t know when, but I didn’t want this latest shooting to involve a brotha, because if it did, that would mean that the war has started and my idiotic friend would have been right. But then I heard them say the name Richard Andrew Poplawski as the shooter and I breathed a sigh of relief. Yup, I made the sign of the cross, and I chalked it up as just another crazy ass White boy.

Question: why is that when a Black man commits a crime that makes the news dramatically we all say he was a thug or thugged out, but when a White dude does some shit like Polawski we always assume that he was crazy? It’s as though the only rationale for any “Blue Collar White Crime” (yeah I know, I kinda laughed at that term too) committed by a White person is insanity. What? White folks are all normal and people like Andrew pictured above are the exception to the rule, thus being crazy? Oh I get it; but niggas are thugs, right? The old classic White is always right until they prove themselves crazy theory. Negroes on the other hand? Well, they’re all products of their environment; yes, and they’re all thugs because they choose to be; uh huh, that’s what’s hot in the streets.

Make no mistake, of course I’m clowning a little bit here, but that Poplawski kid was a fuckin loon. Yup, this White boy was crazy. He doesn’t look like it in the pic above, but he was. Yes, anybody White or Black who would flip out on mom’s because she was bitching about the pet dog pissin on the carpet, barricade himself in his home for four hours, killing 3 cops in the process, has to be crazy. I mean, I’ve never flipped out on my mom, but I doubt her being upset about dog piss in the house would make me lose it like that. I read an article in the Pittsburg Post Gazette which confirmed that this kid was 99¢ short of a meal. According to the article, this dude even proudly posted that he was crazy on his Myspace page.

“Crazy to me is going through the motions. Crazy to me is letting each day slip past you. Crazy is being insignificant. Crazy is being obscure, pointless.” – Richard Andrew Polawski
See, that’s what he had on his Myspace page, and it clearly shows this guy had issues. The troubling thing in the article, was that per a friend of his who was interviewed, this kid was a conspiracy theorist. I consider myself somewhat of a conspiracy theorist myself, and I do tend to find them quite interesting. However, I’m not paranoid as this guy was to think that there was this secret force that’s destined to take over the country, and eliminate our freedoms.

“Believing most media were covering up important events, Mr. Poplawski turned to a far-right conspiracy Web site run by Alex Jones, a self-described documentarian with roots going back to the extremist militia movement of the early 1990s.

Around the same time, he joined Florida-based Stormfront, which has long been a clearinghouse Web site for far-right groups. He posted photographs of his tattoo, an eagle spread across his chest.

“I was considering gettin’ life runes on the outside of my calfs,” he wrote. Life runes are a common symbol among white supremacists, notably followers of The National Alliance, a neo-Nazi group linked to an array of violent organizations.

“For some time now there has been a pretty good connection between being sucked into this conspiracy world and propagating violence,” said Heidi Beirich, director of research at the Southern Poverty Law Center and an expert on political extremists. She called Mr. Poplawski’s act, “a classic example of what happens when you start buying all this conspiracy stuff.” – SOURCEJust think, there are probably millions of young impressionable White guys out there just like this guy. We probably haven’t heard of them because they have yet to shoot up a school, kill a few cops, or burn a cat alive or some other crazy White boy shit. I mean seriously, some of these guys actually go through life looking pretty normal, but they’re screwed up in the head. Now, in all fairness, there are some Negroes with issues as well. Yes, there are a number of crazy niggas among us. Some of us can probably name at least one brother who we know if he flips out, we wouldn’t be surprised. But, not these White people! When a White kid flips out like Andrew, you always hear the phrase, “He was a sweet kid, and we never saw this coming.” Really lady?! You didn’t think him dressing in black continuously, shaving his head and wearing Swastikas was a little odd? I mean, could it be that you weren’t paying attention? Or could it be that because he’s White, he’s not a thug unlike those Black kids, and wouldn’t dare do any wrong. You know, kinda like those two loons sitting in jail here in Memphis for plotting to assassinate President Barack Obama?

In closing, I’ll say that part of the problem is the absence of the rapper Eminem. Yes, he was a role model for White kids who could identify with his dysfunction filled lyrics. Yes, when Eminem was on the air, these kids were relaxed because they felt good to know that there was at least one person who understood them. Since he’s not on the scene as before going to jail every week for punching his on again off again wife, these kids are lost. Now, all they have to fill the void is listening to Conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones. Filled with fear, these kids have nothing else to do but flip the fuck out unlike the days when Eminem was hot. Back then, when he was, at least they took pride in running around the local malls looking like Wiggers, and not killing anybody. Listen, Marshall Mathers, if you’re reading this, White American youth need you; consider this post to be your Bat Signal. Yes Marshall, these White boys need you. More importantly, America needs you, and you’re the only crazy misunderstood White boy who can help.