Rick Sanchez Apologizes: “I Screwed Up.”

I promise you guys, I’m done standing up for minorities in the hot seat who I think have done no wrong. OK, well, maybe not entirely. But me taking up for them, only to have them disappoint me by apologizing pisses me off.

You know the story about Rick Sanchez; we discussed it, and yes, I still think nothing he said was anti-Semitic. But hey, when you’ve lost your job, and you have a new book to sell, and the Jews run the media you gotta make it do what it do:

OK, so he admitted he had a chip on his shoulder given his life’s experience as a minority. But again, I don’t care how “inartful” he may have believed his comments to be, and how friggin tired he was at the time.

I refuse to accept that what he said was “wrong and offensive,” as Sanchez says. However, I do give him props for making mention of the absence of minorities in primetime broadcasting; so all isn’t lost I suppose.

Kinda wonder what Fidel Castro thinks about this…