The Republican Party “Repudiates” Nazi Re-enactor; Quiet on Happy Slave Pics


by JuJuBe (Joanna)

First of all, I want to make it abundantly clear that I do not think it is cute , or appropriate to run around wearing Nazi memorabilia and re-enact the horrendous activities perpetrated by that regime. But, I do need to pose the question: Why is it that the GOP’s Eric Cantor felt it necessary to make a public statement repudiating a candidate who participated in such activities while his party virtually IGNORED (and attempted to DEFEND) the pictures that came out a few weeks ago featuring South Carolina senate president Glen McConnell posing as a Confederate General surrounded by smiling, happy “slaves”??

Rich Iott, the candidate who was seen posing in pictures dressed as a Nazi was participating in World War II re-enactments, ostensibly as a “history buff”. Personally, I cannot understand anyone who OPPOSES certain ideology wanting to participate in any activity that can be seen as EMULATING people who held to those principles. To me, if you dress as a Nazi and pretend to be a Nazi, you most like sympathize with the cause of Nazis. However, the same standard should apply to Civil War re-enactments. If you dress as a Confederate general, you are displaying support for the message behind the Confederate cause. Both actions to me are equally heinous. Yet apparently, to the GOP, appearing to support the ideals of the Confederacy are more acceptable than appearing to support Nazi ideology. Could it be because of the identity of the VICTIMS of such oppressive regimes? Are the victims of the Jewish Holocaust more important, more deserving of respect than the victims of the Black Holocaust?

What makes the story even more interesting to me is that in the case of South Carolina senator McConnell, he was dressed that way NOT for an historically accurate portrayal of the Civil War, but rather for a SOCIAL GATHERING, which, in my opinion, makes HIS actions even MORE deplorable. At least Iott had the EXCUSE that he was simply interested in World War II history, and was PLAYING A PART in an organized program regarding historical events. Whether one chooses to BELIEVE his excuse is not even at issue, but at least he could provide some REASON behind his actions. McConnell simply seemed to think it was a fun way to cut loose!