Raising stink Cain?

Ok so when exactly Herman Cain’s 15 minutes going to finally be up?  By my watch that would have been several days ago but who’s counting? Apparently no one is.

Latest injection of un-explicable mutterings came on a call to bloggers on Tuesday night, where he suggested that “impeaching the president would be a great thing to do.”    He went on to whine that it would be hard to do because the Senate is full of Democrats – they would never get the senate to take up the action because they, “simply don’t care what the American public thinks.”

The impeachable offense according to Mr. Cain would be the president’s position on the Defense of Marriage Act.

He further went on to defend his weak showing in the straw poll at Ames Iowa last week and actually said he was encouraged by it

Ok so is the new campaign strategy for GOP candidates to utilize bootleg Jedi mind tricks? Based on the efficacy via a 5th place showing in a straw poll for which you invested in three thousand slices of pizza and wound up behind Tim Pawlenty who already bowed out of the race I might not want to get the pom poms out just yet.

Maybe it’s that business mindset(corporate, CEO)  thing that tells you if you invest 3k and get back 1500 that’s a good return on your investment.  Except in politics when the 1500 puts you in fifth place behind the leaders who have twice as many votes that math doesn’t look so good.