President Obama Confronted By Iowa Tea Party Crazies

Listen Barack, by now you should know that you can’t reason with these people. Nothing they say is ever rooted in reality. Yes, most of them live in some alternate universe – they don’y understand context, don’t care about context, and they’re just plain dumb But I saw that, Barack. I saw how you handled them. They thought they had you shook, but you maintained your poinse, stayed calm, and was smooth. Just one of the reasons why I love you, bruh; yep, keep doin the damn thing. These idiots on the far-right just don’t get it:

“He said we were acting like terrorists,” Iowa Tea Party activist Ryan Rhodes said, confronting the president after the Decorah town hall as Obama worked a rope line of audience members. “What we stand for is limited government and a balanced budget,” Rhodes continued.

Obama countered that Biden was making the point that almost failing to raise the debt ceiling was irresponsible.

“He wasn’t objecting to the balanced budget amendment, he was objecting to us almost defaulting,” Obama said. As Rhodes persisted, and Obama continued to shake hands, the president added, “It doesn’t sound like you are interested in listening.” (source)

Like I said, these knuckle-draggers just won’t get it; hell, they’ve already proven just how intellectually, and ideologically bankrupt they are. I don’t give a damn what they say: anybody willing to crash the economy, force the country into default is a damn terrorist in my book. But let them tell it, they’re patriotic. Let them tell it they love America more than the Kenyan with that funny name.