So here we are one week past the aquittal of R.Kelly of child pornography charges. Oh yeah, 14 counts of child pornography to be exact. Alot of people are shitty because of the virdict. For the most part, everybody thought that he was guilty. Hell, everybody knew it was him in the tape. The jury themselves never had much doubt as to whether it was him.

He was the celebrity in the tape, and we knew it was him. Thats why he’s a celebrity, he’s easily recognized. And thats what celebrities want, and thats why millions are spent to market them. Think about it, who wants to be a celebrity without a face. But nobody knew the female in question. She was an alleged 14yr old who was unknownst to the public. A real nobody. She was the alleged child in this case. Hence the child pornography charge for this being a sex act caught on tape.
So who dropped the ball? In my opinion, there was only a ball to be dropped if you believed him to be guilty before even going to trial. But thank God our current judicial system is far different from the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION. If that was the case, everybody would be guilty and in prison. Lets face it, John Q. Public isn’t too kind nor is he objective. And in most cases, the public really doesn’t know shit, but yet they run their mouths. Think about all the high profile cases involving celebrities over the years. The celebrities for the most part are assumed to be guilty, and they’re almost never given the benefit of the doubt. And we do that because they’re celebrities, and for the most part, we wanna see them lose. Yup, we’re all haters in that respect. We don’t have shit, but we enjoy seeing people lose what they have. Rodney King was a “nobody” caught on tape but we supported him. When those cops were aquitted there were riots in Los Angeles. We all saw him gettin his ass beat by the cops on that tape. But was it really Rodney King?

But this trial hinged on the “nobody”. Thats right, the alleged 14yr old. We forgot that it was about her, and focused on R.Kelly. We did that because we wanted to see him go down. Its bad enough that we had to wait 6yrs, but we still wanted to see him fall. But was she really 14yrs old? Was it even her on the tape? I don’t know those answers, but those questions were what this case was about. The prosecution carried the burden of proof in this case. It was their job to convince the jury that the “alleged” victim in this case was indeed 14yrs old. From all appearances the prosecution failed. Interviews with jury members revealed that was their point of contention. They were never convinced that the “victim” was ever on the tape, And subsequently, they were unable to return a guilty virdict. Personally now that he’s not guilty I think the tape should be formatted and be put on sale like all other celebrity sex tapes. Its not child pornography according to the state of Illinios. Why should Ray J be the only black celebrity with a sex tape gettin all the love?

So here we are, a week later. No riots, no burned out buildings, and no white truck drivers getting a brick upside their heads. R. Kelly walked out of the courtroom a free man. Free to do whatever he wants as limited by the law, and theirs no outrage. No outrage because at the end of the day…NOBODY CARES! This case had nothing to do with race or any other issue that affects us on a grand scale. It was about a celebrity, and a nobody who had sex on tape. Thats it, and thats what it was all about. He was never brought to trial for statutory rape, or anything like that. It was about child pornography. Child pornography is a big no no, but it still exists. You can go to prison for having possesion of child pornography. I saw the tape when it was out and had a copy of it like many people did as well. The tape circulated in the hood as the bootleg tape of the month, and everybody saw it. Never once did anybody question what they were looking at to be child pornography. But yet, they look at R. Kelly as a pedophile.

I’ve had sex on tape a few times in the past, and did it without any care. Matter of fact, one of the tapes came up missing. I’m just a fat fuck and I’m not a celebrity so who cares. I’m past that phase of my life and I look back at it as some juvenille shit that I got a kick out of. Now that I’m older and wiser, I don’t see the attraction in it. Hopefully R. Kelly has changed his mind about having sex on tape anymore. He’s getting too old for this shit. But then again, he’s like 40yrs old and still rockin braids.