I think its really sad that they have to use race to try and discredit the man. But hey, what else is new here in America. He gave his wife some dap (white folks called it a fist bump) when he won a few weeks ago, and his opponents in the media lost their fuckin minds. All of a sudden they likened the gesture to some terrorist gang sign or some shit like that. But what is it white people do when they meet your black kid for the first time?

For the record, I’m an Obama supporter (wow, I think this is the first time I’ve said this publicly in the blog world), and I am because given the alternative we’d be fucked. Now mind you, as a black man, I do see fellow black voters who blindly support Obama because of his race. Tho I think its clearly not a good practice, I can understand. Black people for the first time in a long time, have something to be proud of. And lets be real, Obama gives us hope. He gives us a sense that in this America (as fucked up as it has been) there has been change, and the possibilities are endless despite ones economic disadvantage. I say economic because today its more so about the rich and the poor, rather than black and white.
But as far as black supporters, I think there is a sense of blindness when it comes to supporting him. Personally, given the historical significance of his candidacy, its as if he’s been annointed to be the Jesus of the black population. And that my friends, I see as very scary. In doing so, its as tho he’s without judgement. And in the eyes of many black supporters, he’s become infallible. Yes, our savior Barack Obama can do no wrong. He was born to a virgin white mother for crying out loud, and he’s our best chance for representation at the highest level.
I’m a little different. Althlough I support the man, I do scrutinize him very well. I carefully listen to his speeches. and I’ve paid close attention to his agenda. He’s selling change and I’m listening real close. Its important to listen closely because politicians are tricky like that. But in my support of him, there is one main area of contention for me…his support of Israel. You see, I’m no Muslim nor am I a Christian. But religious belief aside, I DO know racism and oppression when I see it. And when I look at the situation between Israel and Palestine, I see it. I listened to Obama’s speech at the AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Commitiee) conference a few weeks ago where he pledged his support for Israel and it bugged me….


How can a black man support the ongoing oppression of the Pelestinians by the Israeli’s? I don’t hear too many BLACK PEOPLE questioning this, and it bugs me. Am I the only one?
Obama speaks of change, and yes change is needed. But the U.S. gov’t has been Israel’s bitch for so long, and our gov’t has supported Israel in its terrorism of the Palestinians. When Jimmy Carter decided to have a sit down with those Hezbola cats in an effort to bring peace, the U.S. gov’t denounced his actions. I thought that was messed up for them to do that. I mean, are we not supposed to be about peace? Maybe I’m wrong, but for Obama to plegde his support for Israel diplomaticaly, militarilly and otherwise doesn’t speak of change. This country has been doing this for years. But yet, Obama says that he’s willing to have sit downs with our enemies. Not that its a bad idea to do so (he was heavily criticized for saying that I might add). But how can you say and suggest something like that on one hand, and support Israel on the other?

This is what he supports…

and this is what I don’t agree with Obama on. But like I said, I don’t hear any black people speaking on this. If this were Africa, maybe it would be different. But hey, the Israeli’s supported apartheid in South Africa back in the day, so go figure. I don’t know, but I think his speech at the AIPAC conference was his highest form of political pandering to date. Running a close second is him and his family leaving his church. Its a damn shame that he compromised his allegiance to that church to appease a few ignorant white voters. Its pretty fucked up when you have to lose your religion to please others if you ask me.

The question I pose is: What behavior from Candidate Obama would be so egregious that African Americans will move away from their “blind support” and begin to make specific demands in return for the overwhelming support of this group?

Or, are progressive whites, like the right wingers, lying about Candidate Obama?