Post-Racial America Update: Nightclub Kicks Out Patrons Because of “Too Many Blacks.”

by Joanna

A Buffalo bar is coming under fire for racism. Rather than allow the majority Black crowd, the manager of the 4Play nightclub shut operations down, and ordered all of the patrons out because of, “Too many Blacks.”
BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – There are claims of racism against a Chippewa hot spot. Patrons at the 4Play Nightclub on Chippewa Street were outraged when they were all ordered to leave at 11 p.m. Saturday night.

A patron said, “They say there’s not enough white people, so they’re shutting us down.”

In a video shot by a professional photographer hired by event promoters, people said they heard the club’s management and some security staffers saying there were too many blacks in the establishment.

“They kicked us out specifically because there’s not enough white people,” said one patron.

Another patron said, “Too many black people in the club, talking about they didn’t want our money.”

Giovanni Centurione said, “They were outside on the patio and they basically said there was way too many black people in here, and my business partner Chris and I had heard them say that and looked at each other and said, “Did you really just say that?””

Rinaldo Moss said, “And everyone was kicked out and no sooner than when we were kicked out, they re-opened the bar about 20 minutes later, and let more people in.” SOURCE

About 100 people had just arrived at the club from a fashion show that had been held nearby. The after party, with an open bar, had been planned in advance. The promoters of the event said that the club manager approached them and told them that if their was not a 50/50 balance between Black and white patrons, the club would shut down. And, at around 11pm, the music stopped, and all of the party goers were ordered out.
Promoters who had been working with the fashion show said managers at the 4Play Nightclub gave them an ultimatum to meet a ratio of blacks to whites.

Party promoter Devaughn Jones said, “If the ratio is not 50/50 by the time 11 o’clock hits, the party will be over. I will cut on the lights, turn off the music, and that will be that. That’s what they did.” SOURCENow, we all know the deal. Clubs in every city in the country have this unwritten policy regarding keeping Black people out of their establishments. Usually they will use excuses like dress code violations to discriminate against Black patrons. Apparently, the managers of this club in particular, are a bit more brazen; and, they allowed their blatantly racist intentions known, in no uncertain terms. And, apparently, this is not the first time Black people have had problems with this specific establishment. It seems to be a pattern, as many patrons have filed official discrimination complaints prior to this incident.
The City’s Citizens’ Rights Executive Director says others have now come forward reporting similar incidents.

Exec. Director Crystal Rodriguez-Lane said, “We have been contacted by other groups of people who have had similar experiences with staff and management at the 4Play Nightclub.”

All the allegations will be investigated, and Mayor Byron Brown says they will be forwarded to the State Division of Human Rights.

“The Division of Human Rights has enforcement powers and a variety of things that it can do in investigating this complaint,” said Mayor Brown. SOURCEA petition has been started and there are plans in the works to boycott this establishment. I, for one, cannot imagine anyone wanting to spend their money in an establishment that has such obvious racist policies. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that many white citizens of Buffalo will find the club appealing simply because of their policy to turn Black patrons away. It is a damn shame, but it is simply the truth. Some of us aren’t into accepting our post-racialness.

To those people I say…