Bloody Hands on Your Watch: Obama Continues US Warmonger Culture

by Eco.Soul.Intellectual

NATO airstrikes on the known residence of Moammar Gadafi resulted in the killing of his youngest son and three grandsons on Saturday, April 30. Gadafi and his wife who were also there visiting were not harmed.

The airstrikes are from the United States and European allies, and are one of many coordinated airstrikes in Tripoli and other “known” Gadafi sites for about a month.

This incident comes during a time Gadafi has expressed an interest in negotiating and the African Union has declared an immediate cease of the “no fly” zone policy due to concern of civilian casualties. However, Libyan rebels rejected the AU plan since it did not include the removal of Gadafi.

As well, the Russian government has called for an end to violence from all parties; but blood is pouring from the streets as Libyan military increases its aggressive attacks on protestors and anti-Gadafi population.

And now the Chinese government has criticized the US for using military aggression to expand its global positioning; especially after the revolutionary movements in Egypt and Tunisia.

There are a lot of political interests in this fight over Libyan land and oil. First, my conspiracy nose points to the obvious quid pro quo deal between US and the English/French government. The US is simply paying back a “debt” for England and France’s “assistance” in the Iraq war.

As you can see good ole U.S of A, payback, my dear, is a muhfuckah.

China, the biggest trading partner with Africa (if you didn’t know, Libya is in Northern Africa), has been asserting its position as a key trading partner with the continent for decades.

On the other hand, the United States has been aggressively attempting to monopolize mineral and energy resources.

Additionally, Russia has significant arms contracts with Libya.

And here we have Libya, a horrible botox pawn in a chess game that is clearly fixed. Gadafi is the not the issue. The fear of losing access to natural resources is the problem. Libya is a modern day Louisiana Territory that Napoleon Bonaparte planned to use in world dominance starting in the New World.

The US, England and French needed a new strategic location in a post-Jasmine revolution. Gadafi has been off the chain for years, and nobody did anything about it. Plus, there

Dammit Obama you have been complicit in a dirty cowboy move in a country where waahoo cowboys don’t even like your ass.

There will be no gain as the worldwide sentiment of a bloody, bullying America expands.

Obama, take your long form birth certificate and shove it up your penis hole.