Police Gone Wild: Sheriff Arrested for Sexually Assaulting Undocumented Male Immigrants.

Is it me, or did the recent events surrounding the actions of Sgt. Jim Crow(ley) in Cambridge open up a Pandora’s box of police irregularities? Ok, so no, there isn’t a new DVD coming out entitled “Police Gone Wild,” but I’d be damned if there needs to be one. Maybe that’s an idea you or I can explore. Hell, the TV show “Cops” has probably been the longest running reality show series, and it has been quite successful. That said, isn’t it time we had a show where we can police the police, and catch them on tape? I’m just sayin’, if we did, maybe there would be less of the bullshit like this:

In a series of events that Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti called “an abuse of power” and “a tarnish to the badge,” law enforcement agents arrested one of their own Monday and accused him of sexually assaulting victims — while in his uniform, in marked vehicles and on the job. Jonathan Bleiweiss, 29, of Fort Lauderdale, who in March was honored as employee of the year for the Broward Sheriff’s Office’s Oakland Park District, was booked at 11 a.m. on 14 charges, including sexual battery, false imprisonment and stalking in connection with abusing one of the victims, a 30-year-old male. Bleiweiss was held without bail Monday. Investigators said Monday they were preparing to file charges involving seven more male victims, and said there might be even more. The alleged victims range in age from 17 to 30, but all have something in common: They are undocumented immigrants, mostly from El Salvador and Mexico, who speak little English. OK, did you get that? Yeah, this guy was recently awarded officer of the year. Yep, somehow the good officer probably never counted on one of those fence jumping Hispanics to have to balls to seek legal counsel. I’m sorry, but undocumented or not, I would have had to do the same thing after this:
Detectives said Bleiweiss used his authority to manipulate recent immigrants who feared the police. About 6 a.m. April 23, investigators said, Bleiweiss approached a 30-year-old man who was waiting for a ride to work outside the man’s apartment complex. The man told BSO that he was then frisked and fondled, with Bleiweiss sticking his hand inside his underwear. He said Bleiweiss demanded his cellphone number, then continuously called and sent him text messages. According to the arrest warrant, Bleiweiss is accused of performing oral sex on the man on at least four occasions between that day and June 7. He ordered the man to comply or risk deportation, said BSO Detective Graciela Benito. She said that when BSO investigators interviewed residents at the apartment complex, they discovered a similar pattern: On multiple occasions, she said, Bleiweiss stopped a victim, demanded an ID, then sexually abused them when he determined they were undocumented.Now mind you, officer “real friendly” was an openly gay police officer; something that’s almost unheard of in this country. Matter of fact, I think the only openly gay police officer to exist was a member of the Village People. Yep, you can be an openly gay police officer but not a soldier? Uh huh, and this guy had to go ahead and f*ck it up for the next gay male who chooses to serve and protect as he was sworn to do. Looks like the only one serviced by this Sheriff in Broward County was himself, because he damn sure wasn’t protecting anyone.
I know in the movie Police Academy back in the day somehow the bar “The Blue Oyster” would be the running joke. I don’t suppose there are such bars in Broward County Florida that are welcoming to gay police officers. This folks is a true betrayal of trust, and is probably worse than being the recipient of a police issued beating. Oh well, this guy can kiss his $61,098 per year salary buh-bye all because of his actions. The scary thing about this is: can you imagine how many “straight” cops get away with this sort of behavior?Maybe he should have went to the YMCA:
(source: miamiherald.com)