Boston Cop Justin “I’m Not Racist” Barrett Sues the City of Boston Because he Can’t Sleep and His Civil Rights Were Violated

Well, I’d be damned; here we go with another lawsuit. Just think; I just got through telling you about another recent silly lawsuit. Remember Justin Barret? You know, Mr. “I’m not racist, but I like to refer to educated Harvard professors as jungle monkeys,”? Yeah, the prick who after being suspended pending a termination hearing who got on Larry King and apologized and looked like he was on thorazine? Yeah, apparently he seems to think his civil rights were violated and he has decided to sue the city of Boston. Damn, where’s Michael Jackson’s doctor when you need him:

According to the lawsuit, the mayor and commissioner’s actions caused Barrett pain and suffering, mental anguish, emotional distress, posttraumatic stress, sleeplessness, indignities and embarrassment, degradation, injury to reputation, and restrictions on personal freedom.

Barrett, on the police force for two years, requested that they be enjoined from decreasing, terminating, or withholding any wages. He also asked for money damages to compensate for the emotional and physical pain he suffered, attorney’s fees, and punitive damages.[source]Can ya believe this? Ok, scratch that question; this is America we’re talking about here. This has to be the most absurd shit I’ve heard in like, forever. Am I supposed to believe that Justin Barrett is losing sleep at night (oh yeah and it hasn’t even been a week since his racism was outed) all because, well, he got busted? As a result of his actions he went on national television to apologize, but now he’s filing a lawsuit? Oh lord please doesn’t let the KKK or any other White Supremacist group get wind of this. If they do, they’ll be asking for reparations like Negroes do.

Obviously this guy thinks that his shit doesn’t stink so sues the city. I don’t know, but I think this is all the work of some ambulance chasing attorney looking for a payday. Ok, so what the police chief and the mayor both have pretty much said that he’s going to be fired before an official hearing. Shit, O.J. Simpson was cleared of murder charges but people are still of the opinion that he did it. Does that violate O.J. Simpson’s civil rights? Hell, should O.J. sue the police, the District Attorney, and the city of Los Angeles for all his sleepless nights? I know, maybe those cops who beat Rodney King’s ass should get some payback by way of a lawsuit. Yeah, screw you personal responsibility; that stuff only applies to those good for nothing colored folks. See what you did Frank Ricci?

Oh well, it’s like I told you guys, this guy did what he did by sending that email all to get attention and an invitation to the White House for beer. Now he feels a bit slighted that he didn’t get a call from Barack Obama and he decides to sue. Yep, and this is all Obama’s fault; uh huh, cops are still pissed at him. Even so, I can’t help but to think of the old “when you’re White you’re right,” line. Hell, the police union was calling for an apology from Obama, the mayor and the governor. Maybe they should have taken a play out of Justin Barett’s playbook and sued them all.