Do you think Obama is losing sleep over this cartoon monkey, that the Jewish Zionist Rupert Murdoch owned New York Post put out yesterday? Man please! As long as Obama ain’t trippin, RiPPa could give a rat’s ass.

But RiPPa you are always the one around here pointing out racism and all that shit?

That’s just it. I’ve pointed out enough of this shit that none of this should surprise you. I told you people a long time ago that White Supremacy is the enemy. Its not “White People”, but instead the concept or system of WHITE SUPREMACY.

But RiPPa this cartoon was offensive and they called your boy Barack a monkey!

They been calling Black people worse than that for years, and RiPPa isn’t even phased. Lets be real: racism is nothing new. Matter of fact, every time I type the name Barack Obama as I write a blog, these red squiggly lines come up under the text. Thats right, even Spell Check is racist. You see, RiPPa understands the system which is motivated primarily by the fear of a Black planet. If you think I’m full of shit, do some research. I think you’ll find that there are more of “us” than there are “them”. Having said that, its understandable as to why there’s a need for the destruction of monkeys.

Do you think the release of the movie “Planet Of The Apes” in 1968 was an accident? I wasn’t even born in that year, but I know all to well how volatile it was with the advent of social activism, given the climate of the country at that time. Think about it: looking back on the era of the 60’s its no wonder why there would be a movie released where MONKEYS ruled the world as thought by the few White men who crash landed on the planet.

If you remember the movie like I do, you’ll know that in the end, everything took place on the very planet as we know it and not some other planet as was thought. So you see, with 2042 approaching, its no coincidence that monkeys are being killed in the media publications or in real life. Have you been paying attention to the dead silence from animal advocate groups like PETA and the Humane Society? Guess what? The answer to that question lies in the very first sentence of this post. I suggest you go back and read it and take some time to think.

You people can go ahead and march, protest this cartoon all you like. The truth is, none of that would matter or change anything. Hell, even Don Imus got his job back. Sure it may call attention to the bullshit cartoon that was printed. But what about the real life monkeys like Oscar Grant and others who have been gunned down by the cops. Where’s the march for the innocent destruction of real life monkeys? Hell, the last time Al Sharpton led a protest against the acquittal of the cops who killed Sean Bell — you know, that one monkey who was shot 50 times, and killed by the police? — nothing ever came out of it. They’re still shooting monkeys everyday. And when they don’t, they just throw them in prison and parade them every weekend on MSNBC’s series “Lockup” like its a day at the zoo.