Yes he was right when he said that in this country when it comes to the discussion of race, we’re a nation of cowards. I agree with him 100% and this following clip just goes to show exactly what he means….Did you notice how the audio problems in the broadcast started whenever Michael Eric Dyson spoke truth to power? Coincidence maybe, but I thought it was rather ironic.
Pat Buchanan was representative if what’s wrong in America when it comes to discussions on race. He’s an old tired White man set in his ways who fails to own up to the reality of racism.
People like him are always quick to point the finger and talk about personal responsibility, but act like their shit don’t stink. It’s people like him in the old guard who are in the media (or behind the scenes) who are responsible for perpetuating stereotypes.
Did you notice how he deflected from the issue by throwing daggers at the ills that plague the “Black Community”? Did you notice how he said that Black people “Self Segregate”?
It’s always blame the victim…”Less women would be raped by men if they didn’t dress as provocative as they do.”
This is why as a nation we’ll NEVER move forward on racial issues. Sure things are better than they used to be. But for the most part the problem is dishonesty surrounding the subject.
So now, lets see how many of you are brave enough to say he was wrong.