One Woman’s Trash, is Another One’s Treasure? (ladies, why is that?)

Well, from what I’ve read and have been hearing recently, the economy is slowly getting better. Isn’t that positive? I remember reading several months ago that many couples who would ordinarily split up or get divorces were choosing to stay together because of the economic meltdown. I suppose if there was never a time the “it’s cheaper to keep her” mindset ever existed it did within the last year. But like I said, obviously things are getting better, hence this recent ad online:Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI couldn’t help but to notice whether the husband for sale was employed. Surely such pertinent information is too valuable in these economic times to be left out. I did notice however that she listed him in the Pets & Livestock section.What I’d like to know, is as bad as things are economically for most. Who would be willing to buy or trade for a fat Ricky Williams look alike reject who when he eats, looks like he’s scarfing down some Alpo?
I don’t know how much it costs to place ads online or in the newspaper in this day and age. But I damn sure hope it ws worth it to this woman. The sad thing about it, is that if she had set his ass outside right next to the trash, some silly female would be more than happy to welcome him in. I don’t know about you, but if I were single, I doubt I would ever waste my time talking to some forty-something year old woman with four kids who lives in her mother’s basement. That said, why do women do this?
QUESTION(S): Why do women continue to get caught up with loser men? Aren’t women to blame for this? Do they not bear some responsibility for their choice(s) in men?