Hidden Racism and the Police

Frankly I’m tired of talking about Sgt. Jim Crow(ley) and the now resolved by alcoholic beverage arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr. Unless one of them gets kidnapped and raped by a gang of disgruntled TLC reject midgets, I doubt I’ll even say anything else about them. However, all I want to say, or ask, is how come nobody ever spoke up and out about the discrepancies in the police report filed by Crowley? The 911 caller clearly never said anything about race, but yet I guess it was the 911 dispatcher to blame for the “Hispanic wearing a backpack” description.

I don’t know, maybe I’m buggin, but if I were Crowley and I showed up on the scene and I never saw Dora The Explorer and her side kick monkey friend — oh c’mon, you know that’s the only Hispanic who wanders the country wearing a backpack — the investigation would have been closed. But no, instead he arrested Gates and then lied and said that he spoke to the 911 caller – Lucia Whalen – at the scene. Umm, Ms. Whalen said she never spoke to him. That said, why should we believe Crowley?

A racist cop in Boston was suspended recently for circulating a racist email referring to Gates as a “jungle monkey” and he was suspending pending final punishment. He got on Larry King, apologized, and swore he wasn’t racist. Are we supposed to believe him too? Anyway, I’m done for now; all this hidden racism shit is getting tiring. It’s bad enough my 2yr old has to watch a wayward Hispanic kid on TV who obviously doesn’t have a mother and father who cares and leaves her alone to roam the country. Yep, and she also has to see this very little girl run around with a monkey wearing red Timberland boots, who is affectionately known as Boots.

Watch this and see an example of how cops stick together and lie even as they are supposed to serve and protect us: