A friend is one who’ll bail you out of jail, but a real friend is a person who’ll be sitting next to you in a jail cell laughing with you about how dumb you both were to get there. There are many definitions as to the meaning of true friendship. But this one sticks out in my mind for right now. I have many associates or people that I know, but I have very few friends. I don’t know if you’ve ever sat and tried to re-evaluate your friendships, but I have.
I’ve categorized the people that are in my world on and offline. Right now I can say that I have one “true friend”. His name is Greg, and he’s a buddy of mine from college in Indiana. I swear to this day, him and I are like “Bubba” and “Forrest Gump”; there’s nothing I would not do for this guy as a friend. I don’t know about going to jail together over some dumb shit, but I know we’d talk each other out of even risking it. To this day I consider him my closest friend. Other than my wife, I can tell this dude anything in confidence. And when I tell you that I don’t trust too many people, I’m not lying. But this isn’t about the people that you distrust its about the ones that you do. Are the people you trust as your friends true friends? Can they be trusted? Before you answer that question, go back to the first sentence of this blog. Now if the people you’re evaluating as “friends” would fit the description, then boom…there you have it. See its only when you’re in trouble that you find out who your real friends are.
You know kinda like this guy…

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Everybody by now thinks that Michael Vick is an idiot. You know why they do? Because he was rich. It’s not because of his involvement in dog fighting. Again, it’s because he was rich. I mean why would a rich guy like him get involved in dog fighting?
The answer is in one word…FRIENDS!!

I seriously doubt whether he woke up one day and just decided to get involved in dog fighting. I think only after years of involvement with an individual or individuals (i.e. friends) he decided to get involved. I don’t know, but I think his boys pitched him off and on for a while, before he got in the game. I’m pretty sure that he thought about it for a long time but eventually he gave in because after all, those were his friends. But were they really?
In my opinion, they were not. Wanna know why I say that? Its simple…when the shit hit the fan, they were the first to flip on him. Yeah that’s right! They fuckin snitched! See that’s the thing that was lost in that whole fiasco. People were so focused on the crime, race and the wealth of Michael Vick that they’ve overlooked his friends. Its just like the Duke LaCrosse case. Everybody was focused on the rape victim and more so the white dudes who “allegedly” raped her because she was black. Everybody forgot that we were talking about a stripper, and not once anybody focused on her pimp. Nobody was worried or said shit about him. I’m pretty sure as a result of that “scandal” her pimp lost money with all the heat surrounding her. But like I said, nobody cared about him.
But back to Vick, yeah he went down because of his friends. Could he have chosen better friends? I don’t know or do I really care at this point. Hell I don’t know where the fuck he came from or his background. So for me to be judgmental like some folks when you don’t know the dude is pretty damn dumb! But I sure can talk about it. There’s an old saying…
“There’s no loyalty amongst thieves”I used to be a believer of this in theory but now I have to question it. I mean personally, in the past I chose to do my dirt by my damn self and never got friends involved. If you were involved you were a business associate and not a friend. Maybe I’m wrong, but friends don’t make money together. You can watch any mob flick and figure that shit out real quick. And to me, that’s where O.J. Simpson went wrong in putting his “posse” together to run up in that hotel room. His silly arrogant ass thought those guys were his friends. Lets be real, its not like he woke up that morning and decided to call his “buddies” and ask them to back him up in bumrushing the hotel room. Nope, they called his dumbass, and he went along with them instead of calling the cops. The bottom line here is the fact that friends and business don’t mix.

Well that’s unless you’re this guy….

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Yeah Vick and O.J. Simpson should’ve had friends like this guy. I mean think about it, Bin Laden has been public enemy number one for years. Uh huh, and where is he? The fuck if I know. But I know that he’s not in jail or giving press conferences saying that he found Jesus like Vick did. Nor has he ever stood before a United States judge and sounded the part of a recently caught runaway slave just like O.J. did at his sentencing. I swear I thought that Negro was gonna break into an old Negro spiritual afterwards. Seriously, O.J. surprised me sounding almost like “John Coffee” the magical Negro in the movie “The Green Mile”. Shit, I didn’t know O.J. still had that much Black in him. But instead Osama is free and doesn’t give a fuck. And he can only be that way because of his friends.

Its obvious, his friends are pretty fuckin loyal. If I had friends like Osama has I’d be at the strip club every damn weekend. They’d pay for me to get in and also give me money to tip the girls. Most importantly, my wife would never findout. I mean c’mon people, there aren’t that many caves in Afghanistan. I’d say that he has some pretty good friends, and those are the type of friends we all should have. With friends like that, bill collectors, the repo man, and the child support people would never be able to find you. And Michael Vick would be playing football, still fighting dogs, and not finding Jesus. And O.J. Simpson would still be free to be the most hated Black man in America.